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What Is the Best Matte Lipstick

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The crisp and striking appearance of matte lipstick (the red one especially) is easy to spot and you can never go without being noticed when wearing one. Choosing the right matte lipstick may not be difficult (even though it can get tricky), but applying and using the matte lipstick can be fundamental for the overall look.

How to choose your matte lipstick anyway?

This is the very first thing to do when it comes to matte lipstick. There are several formulas to choose from: lip stain, lip pencil, lipstick or lip gloss that dries to a stain. If you’re going with a lip pencil, remember to always have on you a pencil sharpener that fits the size of your pencil.

As for the colors, there are so many and overwhelming options as well. From the warm skin tones to the orange-yellow or even blue-purple undertones, the options are so many so make sure you choose right.

Here are some tips to remember when selecting the color:

  • Small lips

If your lips are rather small, you should go with light colors (nude shades work best).

  • Bigger lips

You should definitely try the darker colors if you have bigger lips so you can have so many options.

Remember that the color on the tube doesn’t always match the color on your lips so it’s better that you try it first.

Even if a lipstick is matte, it doesn’t mean it’s also long-lasting. Even if it’s praised to be that way, you can still use some tips for helping it look great on your lips for a lot longer.

Another thing to consider when choosing your matte lipstick is your skin’s undertone. Most of us fall into one of two categories: warm or cool.

  • Cool undertone– should go with the cool undertones for the matte lipstick. If you have a red, pink or bluish hue to your skin (your veins kind of look blue and you are prone to burn and only afterward get a tan), you definitely have a cool undertone.

You can use matte lipstick that has a bluish-purple hue.

  • Warm undertone– your veins look rather green and you have no difficulties to get a tan. The lipsticks that have red/orange hues are going to work best for the warm undertones. A light, pale shade for your matte lipstick is going to work better for a daytime look. when you go out on a dinner, a brighter or bolder color is going to suit your warm undertone.

Some are simply a neutral undertone; therefore, they can easily go with both undertones for the lipstick!

What do you need to do before applying the matte lipstick?

No matter if you’re going to do it meticulously or not, you should always remember that you need to exfoliate before applying your matte lipstick. No matte lipstick is going to look good unless you exfoliate first. Most matte lipsticks out there sit on the drying side and flaky or dry skin is going to ruin the whole look.

If you know that you’re going to apply matte lipstick, it’s best that you exfoliate the night before. Add an effective emollient lip balm to maintain your lips well hydrated throughout the night too.

Remember to eliminate any moisture from your lips as it’s going to make the color slip off (or not even transfer onto your lips right).

Do you want the color to stand out? Line the outside of the lip line with a concealer, blending really well. This subtle cover is going to highlight the contrast even better and create an effective barrier that isn’t going to allow the lipstick to bleed.

What’s the best way to apply a matte lipstick?

In order to get the best out of your matte lipstick, you need to follow some steps:

  • Your matte lipstick should be clean and smooth. Once you’re sure of that, apply it to the top lip, beginning from the center out to one side at a time.
  • Apply it to the bottom lip, going all the way into the corners. Blot your lips together
  • Go once again over the top lip so that you create the final touch. Take your time at the cupid’s bow, bringing the line of lipstick up only a bit, at the center of the lip.
  • Go over the bottom lip once again too.

What are the common mistakes when using a matte lipstick?

When you commit to matte lipstick, it’s not only about how to do it right but also about what not to do!

Here are some common mistakes that you should also avoid:

  • You forget about the lipstick

The lip liner is quite a game-changer when it comes to matte lipstick. if you’re going to use one, it’s going to help the color not to seep outside the line. The lip liner is fundamental when using nude lipstick. you should use one that is a bit darker for that you may add a bit of dimension.

  • You don’t apply a primer

You should use primer for your lipsticks too, not only for your eye makeup or face. It’s going to help your matte lipstick look even better.

  • You don’t choose the right color of the lipstick

Remember the first part about selecting your matte lipstick? the wrong color of your matte lipstick can make your lips look smaller. So choose wisely.

  • You’re not checking your teeth

One of the biggest changes you’re taking with matte lipsticks is that you may also end up putting it on your teeth too. You don’t want to have that so use the old trick: stick a finger in your mouth, pulling it out while holding your lips really tight around it.

  • You begin at the corners

This is one rookie mistake when applying your matte lipstick. you should always begin applying the matte lipstick at the center of your lips, for better control and better finish.

  • You forget your lipstick at home

No matter how great your matte lipstick is, no lipstick is going to last throughout the whole day (even when using all the tips in the world for making it last 12 hours or so). Stay on the safe side and throw it in your purse when leaving your house.

What is the best matte lipstick?

In a nutshell, the best matte lipstick is the one that fits your undertone and the size of your lips too. Once you got the right color, you should always apply it the right way as no good matte lipstick in the world is going to work for you if you’re doing it all wrong.


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