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Vaping is Fun, and You Shouldn’t Skip Tobacco E-Liquids. Here’s What’s to Know!

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Anyone switching from smoking to vaping will tell you about how they feel strange at first. In the first couple of days, you may feel a bit slower than usual, and it’s smoking withdrawal the leading cause.

Vaping has been all the rage for quite some time now, and people have turned to it when trying to quit smoking. Even though it’s been out there for more than a decade now, there are still questions that new vapers have to mind. Don’t hesitate to scroll down for finding out both the questions and the answers!

Is vaping tobacco e-liquid different from smoking it?

Even though there are many differences to talk about, vaping doesn’t include combustion, and there are many good things related to the process.

Here are the downsides when you’re smoking tobacco:

  • The blood pressure and heart rate raise
  • You may develop lung, heart, and other severe conditions
  • The teeth get discoloured, and your fingers get a foul smell
  • The risk of developing cancer is higher
  • Even second-hand smoking has its risks

On the other hand, let’s check the positives related to vaping tobacco e-liquids:

  • There are no toxic and harmful chemicals involved
  • No smoke, ash, or tar related to vaping
  • You may vape whenever and wherever
  • You don’t affect people around you
  • Is there a smell when you vape tobacco?

If you’re familiar with its scent, the chances are that you’re going to smell it a bit. Even so, it’s not going to be the stinky smell that you have when smoking tobacco. You can vape without worrying about the smell getting into your clothes, house, car, and so on.

Anyone going for vaping is going to enjoy the quantity and density of the vapour. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the smell of tobacco, but without the smoke.

Is it cheaper to vape tobacco than to smoke it?

Running the numbers is going to show you how’s the situation. If you smoke a pack a day, at $26 per day, you will be spending more than $8,700 per year on your smoking. You may cut down the spending by a bit if you’re rolling your own cigarettes.

In the case of vaporizers, you may spend anything from $100 to $1,000 on the device. You can use it for quite some time, and you have so many flavors of tobacco e-liquid to try. For instance, at, you can choose from numerous options of tobacco e-liquid but also check the latest nicotine salts, vape juices, brands, and flavors. Learn all the basics in vaping from their Learning Center section, and don’t rush into choosing one flavor over another. Better yet, make time to try them all!

How does it feel when vaping tobacco?

Many smokers are afraid that they’re not going to feel the same satisfaction when vaping as they do when smoking. Let’s not forget the withdrawal symptoms that don’t ease out the transition.

Some speculate that the chemicals in smoke do provide a certain level of “desire,” with carbon monoxide being the most satisfactory.

Long story short, some may miss the carbon monoxide when vaping. But don’t forget that it’s not good for your health, so think twice next time you’re lighting up a cigarette.
Is there an ideal temperature to vape tobacco?

Temperature is essential for the effects and taste when vaping. A high temperature gives a thick vapor. Most vaporizers nowadays come with temperature settings so that you can decide which temperature to try.

In the case of tobacco, the best temps range from 257 to 302F degrees, and it’s up to you to discover the best temp for your taste.

What’s the best vaporizer for vaping tobacco?

It seems that portable vaporizers and vapes pens are the best models when vaporizing tobacco.

Portable vaporizers

They are small and easy to fit in a purse or pocket. Most models are battery operated and need battery charging before use. Some vaporizers burn butane for a heat source without any need for electricity.

The portable vaporizers are very easy to carry around and are the best choice for on-the-go and outdoor activities.

Because of their small size, they don’t produce as much vapor as other models, but it’s the versatility that makes the selling point!

Vape pens

The vape pen has a long and slim shape, resembling a traditional pen. It features a heating element that is powered by a battery, warming the solution (e-liquid or vape juice, or e-juice) until it gets to the point of vaporization. Once the liquid reaches the desired temperature, it’s going to transform into a fluffy and typically flavored vapor.

Vape pens don’t create smoke, and the fog-like clouds are, in fact, vapor, which has nothing to do with tar or ash that cigarettes give.

Is it possible to vape any kind of tobacco?

The best part about vaping tobacco is lung thump, which is similar to smoking. You can vape all kinds of smoking, especially since it’s free of additives.

Will vaping tobacco help you quit smoking?

Even if some smokers note that they don’t have the same sensation when smoking tobacco as when vaping it, the latter is still the most effective method to quit smoking.

More and more smokers turn from smoking to vaping and even end up finding the cigarettes disgusting. There are plenty of studies revealing that vaping has positive effects on supporting people to give up smoking.

Will you crave nicotine when vaping?

Even though vaping is different from smoking, they do share their similarities. When you’re beginning to vape, you will feel all sorts of changes. The more you’re going to stay away from smoking and nicotine, the more you will crave it. Truth be told, nothing really tastes like smokes that you’re familiar with. The flavor you obtain from the traditional cigarettes comes from combustion, which doesn’t happen at all with a vapor.

More often than not, people link smoking with a flavor. Some like to smoke with their coffee, so you can try vaping with coffee-flavoured e-juices. It’s going to help you with the mental connection between smoking and taste.

What’s the risk of getting cancer when vaping tobacco?

In all fairness, the debate is still on, but it’s evident that the risk is lower when vaping. Since the vapor created by dry herb vaporizers doesn’t include harsh chemicals such as conventional cigarettes, it makes perfect sense that the risk of developing cancer is lower.

At the end of the day, vaping is a healthier option than smoking, and a lot more fun, if you ask us!

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