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The Fundamental Guide on Vape Coils that Any Entry-Level Vaper Should Read

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Anyone vaping for a while now will tell you that vaping is a lot more than only using a device. For many, the whole experience is attractive, and the more you find out about the vape world, the more interesting it’s going to feel.

One of the many things that you’re going to have to do when vaping is changing coils. It’s part of the mod’s essential maintenance, and doing it will expand the durability of your vape device.

Unless you’re ready to buy a new vape mod, you should take care of it and change the coils as soon as need.

What are vape coils?

One thing you cannot do without when it comes to smooth-tasting vaping is the coil. Sadly, many entry-level vapers give up to vaping because they’ve been using a coil for too long and don’t get that the awful taste can be easily avoided.

Coils include a wire and a wick and are part of the mod’s cartridge. Most of the time, coils are made of durable wire and are covered by synthetic foam or cotton in fiberglass. The wick will soak e-juice, whereas the coil will soon heat the wick.

Are there any differences between vape coil and atomizer?

Anyone vaping for a while now may have heard about coil and atomizer. You noticed that the terms are used interchangeably. Frankly, they’re not the same thing, but it’s easier for some to use them the same.

Briefly put, the atomizer refers to something creating a mist from a liquid. In the vape world, the atomizer can be the coil holding the e-juice, while it vaporizes it. It can also be the while device containing the coils. Therefore, when you’re searching for replacement coils, some may be labeled as atomizers, which shouldn’t come as a surprise for you.

Do vape coil last for a long time or not?

Sadly, no coils will last for eternity. They go through re-heating and cooling down over and over again, so it’s only a matter of time until they will burn out. Even the way you use your vape device may reduce the durability of the vape coil.

Chain vaping (it’s when you take several hits in a short time) may lead to faster degradation of coils. When you take multiple draws from your device in only a couple of seconds, you will dry out the wick. It’s because you don’t ensure it enough time to soak up the right quantity of e-juice.

On the side note, you should have 30 seconds between hits. It’s what helps with the durability of the coil and wick.

Our friends from tell us about the best tips on expanding the durability of atomizer coils. According to this online vape shop, you should maintain them wet at all times. When the level of e-liquid in the tank is too low, you should refill the tank, waiting for the wick to re-saturate after every puff. Don’t hesitate to expand the life span of coils by staying away from sweetened e-liquids, since sucralose may leave reside that decrease lifespan on coils.

The online vape shop is excellent for entry-level vapers as they can find the necessary information on vaping, vape products, and more. Obviously, you can choose from a generous selection of vape juice, nicotine salts, brands, and flavors. Just take a look!

How often does vape coil require changing?

You will need to replace vape coils regularly, but it counts a lot on how much you’re vaping. Sometimes you need to change the vape coil once a month, whereas other times, you will have to do it once a week

The more you vape, the more often you need to change the coil. Should you vape only once in a while, you may have to change it once a month.

Are there any signs telling you that vape coil needs changing?

You don’t want to change a lousy coil for no reason, but you don’t want to give up vaping for not knowing when to change the coil. Here are the most vital signs that tell that it’s about time you change that coil:

Gurgling sounds

Even though it may sound fun, but vaping isn’t supposed to include gurgle. Gurgling noises are a definite sign, and you should never overlook it. Changing the coils is actually the most straightforward solution, but it’s not always the only solution.

If your vape device still gives gurgle sounds after replacing the coils, there may be more serious trouble with your vape device.

A burning taste

When you’re vaping a dead coil, you will feel an acrid and burning taste, so you definitely know it’s terrible. The taste is so bad that you’re not going to enjoy vaping at all. You shouldn’t try to continue vaping, as it’s not going to get better on its own.

Even if hitting a worn-out coil will not harm you per se, you shouldn’t do it regularly. When you’re using a vape coil beyond its lifespan, the vape will burn the coil, and the risk of exposing to heavy metals is high.

Cleaning the coil will also help expand the lifespan of the coil. However, not all coils allow cleaning, so make sure that you check the type of coil you have on your vape device. Cleaning the coil will only give you a couple of days or a week tops if the coil needs replacing altogether.

Low vapor production

The more you vape, the lower the vapor production it’s going to be. When the coil is near its end, you will notice that the vapor output is smaller than usual. Therefore, when the cloud chasing is not as high as before, the coil may be old. You may change the coil once you see that the vapor production is lower, or wait until other signs show up. But it’s only a matter of time until you have to replace it.

We should remind you that a dying battery may also lead to low vapor production. You should also take a look at your device’s charge to see if the battery is out of power. Don’t replace the coil until you don’t check the battery.

If your vape device cannot hold a charge anymore, that’s another story. In which case, you have to upgrade the battery.

Weak or “off” e-Juice flavor

This sign typically occurs before the burnt taste. It’s quite common for a worn coil to cause the flavored e-Liquid not to seem “right.” You may observe that the flavor isn’t as it used to be. Suddenly, your lemonade-flavored e-Juice will start to taste “off,” which tells that the coil will need changing shortly.

A lousy bottle of e-Juice may very well be the cause of bad taste, but the chances for the coil to be worn out are higher. A burnt-out coil will weaken the e-juice flavor nine times out of ten. Typically, the last hit you’re having should be as tasteful as the first. Therefore, a weak feeling means that the coil is soon to be dead (if not already).

On top of everything else, ruined coils will make the flavors mix. For instance, if you’ve had lemonade e-juice and mint afterward, you will get an unpleasant combination of both. And it’s the worn-out coil that causes the combinations. Some experienced vapers change coils every time they go from a flavor to another to simply avoid the issue.

One last thought before you go away!

Changing the vape coils isn’t complicated, and you should look for the steps to follow. You shouldn’t miss out on the fun of vaping from a worn coil that needs changing, so don’t wait any longer!

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