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Six Powerful Mudras for Reducing Hair Fall and Growing Longer Healthier Hair

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Six Powerful Mudras for Reducing Hair Fall and Growing Longer Healthier Hair

Modern age brings in a lot of challenges due to the faster pace of work, neck-breaking deadlines, pollution, stress, and heavy dependence on junk food. Have you been suffering from hair fall off late? Do you feel your hair breaks and falls easily? Did they go dull?

Don’t worry. These hand yoga mudras will help you. Yoga mudras are known to be a very efficient and effortless way of treatment for hair problems. These accelerate hair regrowth and even prevent hair loss, premature graying of hair, and other issues.

Yoga hand mudras are highly proven techniques for the cure and prevention of several ailments including hair loss. Listed below are six best Mudras for you to get beautiful hair that you always dreamt of:

   1. Pravartana Mudra

The mudra, when practiced daily, will rejuvenate the scalp and heal pores resulting in the growth of healthy hair.

How to Do:

Step 1: Kneel down while keeping the palms stretched out.

Step 2: Now fold your knees and stretch your body.

Step 3: Slowly straighten the knees. You need to breathe frequently and try to remain in this position for around 25-30 seconds.

   2. Prithvi Mudra

The mudra is very helpful in increasing the earth element and decreasing the fire element of the body. So it ensures beneficial effects on the body, such as reducing body temperature and strengthening the tissues. This mudra can be practiced at any time of the day.

How to Do:

Step 1: Join the tip of the thumb with the ring finger.

Step 2: Keep other fingers straight.

Step 3: Maintain this pose for around 30 -40 minutes.

   3. Prana Mudra

Also referred to as Kapha Karak Mudra, the mudra is known to build the earth element of the body. It also enhances Kapha’s humor. Regular performance of this pose will help strengthen hair roots and grow them longer. The mudra must be performed while sitting in a Padma Asana (Lotus Pose). You may even stand straight in Tada Asana or Mountain Pose.

How to Do:

Step 1: Sit in Padmasana or stand in Tadasana. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

Step 2: Now touch the tips of your little finger and ring finger together to your thumb.

Step 3: Keep the fingers straight.

Step 4: Maintain this pose for around 15- 30 minutes.


   4. Vayu Mudra

This mudra is known to decrease the ‘Vayu’ element in the body to provide you many health benefits. Since the restless and anxious mind is known to be one of the primary reasons behind hair fall, practicing this mudra will help you. The mudra has a calming effect on your brain and nervous system to help you grow long lustrous hair.

How to Do:

Step 1: Place the tip of the index finger on the base of the thumb. This forms Vayu Mudra.

Step 2: Maintain this position for around 15 to 30 minutes. You will see the difference soon!

   5. Chin Mudra

This mudra is indicative of the union oneself with the almighty. Only a few minutes of practicing the mudra will provide you with several benefits. Some of these include sharpened memory and building mental ability to adopt new things. One of the significant benefits of this mudra is hair growth.

How to Do:

Step 1: Create a circle in your palm by joining the tip of the finger with the thumb.

Step 2: Keep other fingers extended and unfolded, especially the middle finger.

   6. Prasanna Mudra

This is yet another mudra for growing longer, thicker hair and reducing hair fall.

How to Do:

Step 1: Bring your hands near the chest.

Step 2: Now rub the nails of four fingers with each other.

Step 3: You need to follow this practice for around 5 to 10 minutes daily for 30 days. Make sure your thumbs are kept straight during the mudra.

Practice this mudra daily to get strong and lustrous hair.

The above-listed mudras are more comfortable to practice. It is best to practice these mudras once you get up early morning. Open windows and allow fresh air to come into your room. Now sit in a resting position. Close your eyes and practice a mudra you are most comfortable with. Practicing these mudras will also calm your mind and help to heal emotionally.

So take out some time to do these yoga asanas to reduce hair fall (mudras). In a short time, you would see how beautiful, long, and lustrous your hair would start looking.

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