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Rotating Air Brushes- The Ultimate Guide You Need when Buying One

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If you’re looking for straightening your hair at home, a hot air brush is a great tool to use from the comfort of your home. When you have the skills, the hairstyle results can last for a couple of days, as long as you stay away from humidity.

What’s to say about hot rotating airbrush briefly?

The rotating hot air brush resembles the hot air brush a lot. It’s both a hair styling tool and a hair dryer, which only explains its utility for hair styling. It looks a lot like a hot air brush as it features a round barrel and a cord that you plug in an outlet.

Rotating and non-rotating hot air brushes feature various controls on the handle so that you may adjust the speed and the temperature.

The materials used are also various as some come with ceramic-coated bristles (for better precision when styling), whereas others come with nylon bristles (which eliminate both pulling and snagging).

There’s hot air blowing through the vented channels on the barrel, which is why you may dry and style the hair at the same time.

Can you use it no matter the type of hair?

If your hair is short or fine, you should check to see which size is the perfect match. If it’s too big, you’re not going to be able to get the hair around it.

No matter your type of hair, you can use a rotating airbrush only if you apply a heat protecting spray first- it’s still heat styling that you’re performing.

Is it safe to use on wet hair?

You may use the rotating airbrush on damp hair, but you should start by drawing all moisture before styling. Some rough drying or squeezing the moisture out with a towel is going to help a lot.
The rotating airbrush gives incredible volume and shine, and you can even obtain bouncy curls that hold for a couple of days.

How to select a rotating airbrush?

When you’re looking for a hot rotating airbrush, it’s essential that you take a look at the following aspects:

  • Dual voltage (it’s good when traveling)
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Switch for turning the rotator off
  • The right size of the barrel to match your hair length and type
    Multiple speeds
  • These are only the general aspects to check, but it’s best that you pay a lot of attention to the following:

The type

There are three common kinds of rotating airbrushes: ceramic, chrome, and tourmaline, with the chrome type being the cheapest one. As its surface is slightly rough, the risk for breakage, snagging, or tangling is pretty high. You need to wait a bit more for a chrome brush to heat up.

The ceramic type is a bit pricier, but they do heat up fast and evenly. The brush glides through the hair nice and smooth, without causing any friction. The hair doesn’t snag nor break when using ceramic brushes. The hair looks softer and shinier when using this type of tools.

The most expensive type is the tourmaline brush as it heats fast and leaves the hair even smoother than the ceramic model as it emits more negative ions than the ceramic type.

The barrel size

Rotating airbrushes come in various sizes, and you need to consider the volume you’re hoping to get for your hair when choosing. A medium brush (around 1inch) is going to lead to a medium curl, whereas a small one (3/4in) is going to create a small coil. You should expect a lot of volumes when using a hot air brush.

Go with a small brush when your hair is short and a long brush if your hair is long.

The Bristles

You want the bristles to be gentle and with a good grip on your hair. You don’t want the tool to burn your scalp, so it’s important that the bristles have cold tips.

The heat settings

Heat is essential for the rotating airbrush as it breaks the hydrogen bonds, softening your hair. Styling your hair is a lot easier thanks to the heat. Seek a rotating airbrush that comes with temperature controls so that you may use the right temperature for your type of hair.

When your hair is thick and coarse, you should use a tool that provides maximum heat. By the contrary, when your hair is thin, look for a brush that has low temperature. You don’t want to damage your hair when styling.

Nine hundred watts or more is a good power for a rotating airbrush, as it makes the styling results last longer.

The grip

The handle of the rotating airbrush should fit in your arms comfortably, providing adequate traction. You don’t want it to slip off your hand while you’re styling your hair.

Rotating hot air brush vs. curling iron

The rotating hot air brush is nowhere similar to the curling iron as the first one blows hot air while styling. Some bristles may heat up, but they typically don’t. You can only use the curling hair on dry hair as the entire surface heats up. A curling iron releases a higher temperature and presents a higher risk for damaging your hair, especially when you’re not cautious about it.

Should you use a rotating hot air brush or hot air brush?

The two tools are similar as they both emit hot air. However, the rotating hot air brush is also moving throughout styling. You may find hot air brushes moving one way, whereas others move two directions.

Should you use a hair dryer or a rotating hot air brush?

They resemble as they both blow hot air and styles. When you’re using the hairdryer, you’re not going to wind hair around it for drying. You also need to use another product for styling your hair. in the case of rotating hair brush, you’re not going to need to use a second styling product. A hairdryer doesn’t, and you get to control the heat through the diffuser or the nozzle.

Let’s not forget that you’re going to need to use a manual round brush if you want to get some curls while using a hairdryer.

Some tips when using the rotating hot air brush!

The rotating mechanism is what leads to a natural looking curl while ensuring an appealing curl movement. Don’t forget that is a multi-directional tool, blowing hair dry and curling it in two directions, which gives body and lift. The more you use it, the better you get at using it and obtaining the salon-styling results.

It may take some while until you get used to using one. You may want to control the brush, and it may be tricky in the beginning to let it do its job on its own. The more you fight it, the higher the risk for tangling and pulling your hair is going to be.

Practice makes perfect, so take your time until you learn to get the best out of it. It’s going to take some time until you get the most impressive results.
When you really cannot do it, you can also turn off the rotating mechanism and use it as a regular hot airbrush instead. But why not give it another go first?



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