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Makeup Tips for 12 Types of Asian Eyes

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There are many differences between Caucasian and Asian eyes, and Asian people need to use special techniques for highlighting their eyes in the best ways.

Without any further ado, let’s check some of the essential types of Asian eyes and see which tips you need to follow for creating the prettiest makeup.

Perfect eyes

Almond-shaped eyes that are evenly spaced are considered to be ideal. The space between the two eyes should be the width of just one eye.

The almond-shaped eyes are pretty standard, but it doesn’t make them “perfect.” They present an excellent proportion to the rest of the facial features, and kind of lift at the outside corner of the eyes, leading to a younger feel.

Someone with almond-shaped eyes can play with the funky and deep color, placing eyeshadow in different areas. A thick eyeliner outwards is going to complete the look.

Wide-set eyes

There’s more than an eye width space between the eyes, which means a darker eyeshadow color on the outer corner, right to the middle of the eyelid, is going to look better. An intense eyeshadow color close to the inner edge is going to give a beautiful makeup as well. The eyes are going to look closer together when drawing the eyebrows closer to each other. Pay attention to the nose and contour it a bit for lowering the distance between the eyes.

Close-set eyes

In the case of this type, the distance between the eyes is less than eye width. You need to create the appearance of a more extensive gap between the eye, so you have to place the intense eyeshadow colors at the far corners of eyes. Only use dark colors for 1/3 of the lids and apply more mascara on the outer edge of the eye. It’s going to increase the volume.

You can also “pull” the eyes away from each other by drawing the eyebrows further apart.

Thin and narrow eyes

The white between the eye and the pupil isn’t much. It’s not that uncommon for Asian people to have this type of eyes.
You may apply light shadow on the lids and dark black eyeliner at the base of the eyelashes. As you go towards the outer corners, you should widen the thickness of the eyeliner. An upward tick at the outside edge is going to lift the eyes as well. You may open the eyes a bit more with white eyeliner on the bottom of the waterline. Stay away from the dark eyeshadows and use double coats on lower and upper eyelashes.

Big eyes

The opening is quite large, so that’s a lot of white space; the whole pupil may be seen as well. Use some dark colors on the contour area for creating some depth. Focus on applying darker colors on the lower lashline, for more dimension. When you want to make them look smaller, use black eyeliner on the lashline and waterline, without skipping the dark eyeshadows.

Round eyes

They’re not round per se, but a bit rounder than the almond-shaped eyes. The white of the eye and the pupil are pretty visible too. They’re synonyms to innocence and youth, which makes them unique. You can turn them into almond-shaped eyes by using a dark eyeliner beyond the outer corner of the eyes. You can contour them with a dark eyeshadow too.
Another particular type of round eyes is the small round eyes, which is smaller than the Round eyes. The space on the pupil’s sides is more significant in the case of round eyes.

Down-turned eyes

The inner corner of the eye is higher than the outer edge of the eyes. You shouldn’t apply the eyeshadow following the shape of the eye. You need to use it up and out of the contour instead. The eyeliner in the inner edge is going to lift the eyes. A thick smudged at the outer edge with an upward angle looks good too. It’s vital that you apply mascara on the outer lashes, lifting the look.

Deep-set eyes

They’re rather common amongst the Caucasian eyes. Some depth is going to be good for the emotions, but you don’t want the eyes to get too deep into the sockets. You may bring them out with a pale shade around the eyes. Apply a dark eyeshadow color at the contour area (not black), blending it close to the brow bone. Draw a thin line along the lash line.

Puffy eyes

A thick layer of fat under the lids gives more protrusion than the typical Asia eye. Puffy eyes don’t necessarily mean prominence and prominent eyes don’t mean puffiness either. However, you have the same goal for both: make the bulge less visible so that they don’t cover the other facial features. Use a light color on the lids a medium shade for the upper lid. It’s going to reduce the apparent eyelid almost instantly. Some dark shadows are also going to make the puffiness/prominence less visible as well. Apply the eyeliner from one corner to the other for diminishing the appearance of the pronounced eyelid.

Phoenix eyes

It’s not a common type of eye, and it’s not significant. The upward lift at the outer corner is appealing, and the outer edge is a bit higher than the inner corner. Double eyelids and monolids may present Phoenix eyes.

A simple thin eye line is going to be enough, but a darker color eyeshadow color for contouring the eyes is going to make them look even prettier. Don’t forget about the eyeliner and the mascara. You can also draw a thick line at the outer corner, but don’t go beyond the eye. It’s best that you don’t wing it out either. Don’t forget to draw on the lower lashline for balancing the appearance.

Slanted eyes

They’re similar to the Phoenix eyes, and it’s the degree of slant that makes the difference. The slanted eyes have a high slant and don’t have a curve at the outer corner of the eye. It only slants at the edge of the eye. You may wing out the eyeliner. Go over the tips for the Phoenix eyes as the tips are similar.

Triangular eyes

With this type of eyes, the skin on the outer area king of sags, so it covers a lot more of the eye, leading to the triangular shape.
You want to create the impression of a lifting eye and a high and well-defined contour. Along with the general tips, you should also remember to draw the eyeliner thick as you get closer to the outer corner of the eye. You can even lift the eyes by adding a wing.

The Hooded Eyes are resembling the Triangular eyes, and they’re pretty common among Asian people. It’s quite typical for the fatty to be found in the tissue under the eyelids. Some hooded lids may cover the double eyelids, and they’re known as “inner double eyelids.” You want to make them look beautiful and to give them prominence. However, you shouldn’t use too much black eyeshadow nor cover the whole eyelid. Don’t apply dark eyeshadow too much into the eyelid; it’s only going to make the eyes look smaller if you go more than 1/3 of the eyes. You can also open the hooded eyes with the eyeliner, but you should wing it out at the far end for lifting feel.


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