How to Tackle Stunted Hair Growth

Wondering why your natural hair is not growing? Don’t worry too much. Listed below are some reasons why your natural hair is not growing and solutions:

  1. Not Taking Any Vitamins

You are what you eat. Intake of vitamins combined with a proper diet will allow hair to grow longer and healthier. So feed your follicles with iron, protein, and folic acid. Get supplements prescribed by a doctor.

  1. Not Drinking Enough Water

If you wish to grow your hair long and healthy, drink around two liters of water per day religiously. You will notice visible differences within weeks. Staying hydrated is very important for growing out hair.

  1. No Protection At Night

Using a satin bonnet or pillow cover will help your hair remain protected.

  1. Terminal Length

Reaching final length will also deter hair growth. It is the amount of time taken to reach a certain period of hair that you can have on your hair before the growth cycle is achieved. Hair growth cycle is predisposed through genetics. This lasts around 2-6 years. Thereafter, hair goes through a dormant stage till the point cycle repeats. So if your hair gets stuck at length and never gets past it, this might be due to the last length.

  1. Lack of Moisture/Protein

Hair needs a gentle balance of moisture and protein. When this balance goes awry, hair tends to fall out and doesn’t grow at a healthy pace. Lack of moisture and protein will make the hair dry. So seal ends Sealing your ends, moisturizing using the LOC method (liquid, oil, and cream to seal moisture into the hair). This treatment should be carried out every 6-8 weeks. The process comprises of hydrating hair with water or a water-based product, sealing in the moisture using oil and lastly applying a healthy cream product to close hair cuticle to prevent loss of moisture.

  1. Too Much Protein or Moisture!

Sometimes we tend to overindulge in protein-based products which may upset hair. Protein overload should be taken seriously. It results in dry brittle hair. Also overload of moisture will be harmful. Surplus moisture retention overweighs hair.

  1. Hot Tools

Have you been using curlers, blow dryers, and hair straighteners too often? These may be making your hair look beautiful on a temporary basis, but are also damaging them. Regular use of heat is a strict no-no. It will make it very hard and dry. Limit use of hot tools. Allow your hair to dry naturally. It is also important to apply a heat protectant prior to using heat on your hair.

  1. Split Ends

This is one of the most ignored causes for stunted hair growth and hair loss. Hair grows from the root. Hence, tips are known to be the oldest part of your hair. They lack nourishment. Ends tend to get dry an even split. Split ends are almost impossible to repair. The best solution to this problem is to get your hair trimmed. For hair prone to split ends, moisturize the ends of your hair using a few drops of castor oil or coconut oil before bedtime. It is important that you apply conditioner after shampoo to reduce split ends.

  1. Too Much Stress

Have you been under too much stress? If yes, then the effects may show on your health and hair. Apart from skin problems, the hair may go dull, dry and fall out. So it is important to keep stress under control and relax. Indulge in activities that reduce stress, such as walking, jogging, etc. Meditation is another way to get rid of stress. Also try practicing yoga poses to prevent hair loss. These poses are very helpful in helping hair grow and reducing hair fall significantly.

  1. Health Condition

Stunted hair growth may be due to an underlying/un-diagnosed medical condition. So in case, you are experiencing hair loss post-delivery or taking a certain medication, speak to your doctor. A serious illness, dramatic weight loss, surgery, etc. may have an adverse effect on your hair growth.

  1. Poor Nutrition

A well balanced diet is important for general hair growth. Add a lot of protein into your diet for increased hair growth. Fish, chicken, eggs, milk and iron-rich vegetables are important for hair. Also cut down on processed foods intake. Sugar and sodium should also be reduced from the diet. =====================================================================

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