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How to Choose the Best Hypoallergenic Mascara

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Many of us are allergic to make-up products, and hypoallergenic mascara comes as sweet relief from this problem. If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, then you may feel comfortable wearing hypoallergenic mascara. However, choosing the best can be a daunting task, and often one has to try out different brands before arriving at their best choice. Avoiding waterproof and coloured mascaras and the ones that contain fibres is an excellent option for preventing allergic reactions.

Hypoallergenic cosmetics explained

The term hypoallergenic is confusing to many people. This means that the product is free of common allergens found in other mascaras and beauty products and, therefore, is less likely to cause allergic reactions to sensitive eyes and skin. There is no official hypoallergenic standardization worldwide. This is because an ingredient in one product could prove allergenic in another; hence allergic consumers need to read the labels carefully to eliminate products that contain ingredients they are allergic to, and they cannot only rely on the label hypoallergenic.

Evaluating hypoallergenic mascara for Sensitive eyes

When assessing hypoallergenic mascara for sensitive eyes, one needs to look out for lengthening, thickening, and waterproof words. The ingredients used to make mascaras with such qualities can easily irritate the eyes. Coloured mascaras, more so the ones with earth or red tones, are known to because more allergies than others do. Some people are allergic to earth tones and red pigments.

One should look for mascaras that have as few ingredients as possible. The shorter the list of ingredients on the mascara bottles, the better for a person who has allergies.

Some people who have allergies have been successful with tube mascara, which have polymers that form tiny tubes around the lashes without flaking. Buying sample sizes of hypoallergenic mascara is an economical way of trying out the product before settling on one particular brand. Leaving the mascara tube open leads to an early expiration of the product and, at the same time, allows bacteria to get in and breed. This can be a source of avoidable eye infections. Products used for parts like lips and eyes that have body fluids should not be shared. Diseases are transmitted commonly through the sharing of such products.

Organic options for hypoallergenic mascara

Natural mascara has been an excellent choice for those seeking hypoallergenic mascara. They are made from purely organic products like jojoba and Shea butter; these mascaras pamper your eyes and lashes, adding to the strength.

Being natural means that they do not contain chemicals listed in most regular mascaras and are valid for people who have allergies. They were mainly beneficial when swimming or in highly humid conditions.

Many companies specialize specifically in organic cosmetics, while established brands are coming up with natural lines to serve this growing clientele.  Today there are bodies set up to regulate the organic products market, but they have emphasized more on food items rather than beauty products like hypoallergenic mascara, eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundation, and other cosmetics.

The first thing that one notices in a person they have met for the first time is their eyes, and more so if they have blue mascara on. Women are finding it harder to be confident unless they have make-up on. This comes with a quest for uniqueness, as everyone wants to stand out. However, you need to consider a few things before you go shopping for that mascara.

One thing that women need to note is that blue mascara does not have to be always navy blue. There are other dramatic shades of blue available to fit the mood. Say, for example, blueberries and pastels; these are lovely shades of blue. However, you need to consider the occasion carefully because the blue can be as dramatic as purple, and shades have to be chosen with caution. Many people are used to the traditional black mascara, but blue mascara is a great alternative. It highlights your eyes are making them unique and stand out.

Dark blues focus attention on the eye colour, more so with blue and brown eyes. Another primary consideration is deciding whether you want waterproof mascara. If you cry often or your eyes water regularly, this is the option for you. The last thing you want is streams of mascara running down your face along with tears. Another thing to consider is the ease with which you would like to clean off the mascara. Waterproof mascaras do not wash off easily; they require a high facial wash for them to come off.

Blue mascara for coloured eyes

People with blue eyes find blue mascara to be very interesting in their eyes. It complements their looks to a great length. This case also applies to people with other colours of eyes, depending on the shade of choice; it brings out the blue eyes more sharply, creating a wow effect. People who have coloured eyes find that their eye colour seems to get bolder, more so the hazel eyes.

Brown eyes look darker with blue mascara; hence, regardless of the colour of your eyes, you will find some benefit in it. There are waterproof and hypoallergenic options for those with sensitive eyes. This condition should not stop you from acquiring a dramatic eye look. For a Smokey eye, it looks great when combined with green to grey eyeshadow.

Shortcomings and cost

Some of the brighter shades of blue do not bring out a significant effect and require to be combined with another shade. For example, mix purple and a light shade of blue to bring out the drama. For mascara to be visible, it has to be dark or combined with other facial make-up.  Contrary to a widespread belief that only expensive make-up is right, there are high-quality brands available for every woman’s pocket. Whether a celebrity or a regular lady. Price should not stop you from having the dramatic look that comes with wearing blue mascara. However, you ought to be careful when buying. One great way to buy cheap is at clearance sales; just ensure that you have enough time to use your blue mascara before it expires.

The Blinc brand was known as Kiss Me earlier. The Blinc mascara was initially invented especially. It was used to create small tubes around your lashes, and the tubes were waterproof too. In short, these mascaras did not paint your eyelashes like the regular mascaras that were available in the market. After you apply the mascara, these tiny tubes stick to your lashes, and they do not move about; they do not smudge or clump and do not flake too. They remain on your eyelashes even if you cry, go into the water, or happen to rub your eyes. You can wear it in the morning before you leave for your office or daily activities, and the mascara is sure to remain until your dinner, just the way it is when you leave the house in the morning. Your lashes would stay curled and enhanced, even after a tiring day.

The Specialty of the Blinc Mascara


The Blinc mascara is sure to add more volume or thickness as well as the length of your eyelashes. It also provides a bright and radiant look to your eyes. Though the volume and length of the lashes are increased, the natural look remains the whole day, and your eyes are sure to be noticed. Another remarkable feature of the mascara is that, when you want to take it off, the tubes readily slide down your lashes, and you would not have to apply much effort. You do not have to make use of a make-up remover item to remove it.

The speciality of the mascara

Blinc mascaras are much more efficient when compared to the normal waterproof or water-resistant mascaras that are available in the market. Most other waterproof mascaras adhere so much to the lashes that you will face trouble in removing them. But, with the mascara from Blinc, you just need to use a lot of warm water and apply a little pressure using your fingertips to remove it. You can use a washcloth or wash it under water pressure also. In any case, the tubes would easily slide off from your lashes. When you remove the mascara, you will notice tiny beauty tubes that have been on your eyelashes.

Non-irritating Blinc mascara

Another speciality of the Blinc mascara is that the product has been tested clinically. It has come out to be a non-irritating substance. So, you can use it efficiently for sensitive eyes. You can wear the mascara even if you have the contact lens on.

Other Specialties of the Blinc Mascara

Unlike most other mascaras that are available in the market today, the Blinc mascara is perfect to be used on a long-term basis. The ingredients are all safe and would not cause any irritation or after-effects on your eyes, lashes or skin. It would not cause any harm to you. It is suitable for everyday use also. Another benefit is that you can wear the mascara to a party or event, just the same way you wear it to the office. Your eyes are sure to look better and more expressive with Blinc mascara.

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