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Healing Crystals- Here’s Why You Should Welcome Them into Your Life

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Truth be told, when we’re thinking about the healing crystals, we do think of daydreamers and hippies, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye in their case. Even if they make nice jewelry, the healing crystals actually come with abilities, and you should scroll down for a detailed look.

One thing, to begin with, is that you should never hope for a dramatic change in your life the minute you start using some healing crystals. Using crystals is similar to using a new diet or fitness routine, so you need to give it time until you actually observe the results. It’s going to take time and dedication until the results are going to show. The healing crystal is only a companion for the new road lying ahead, a reliable tool to use for accomplishing your goals.

What do healing crystals do anyway?

Without any further ado, let’s see the main benefits of healing crystals. Even if they also do look nice, they’re far more than just a pretty piece of jewelry.

They connect us with nature.

Crystals have been around since the beginning of time, so you shouldn’t be surprised by their presence in the modern world. Each stone is, in fact, a piece of one-of-a-kind work of art from the earth. We have shiny and sparkling crystals as well.

Finding info on the crystal you’re planning is really easy too. We’ve never been more disconnected from Mother Nature, and the healing crystals are here to the rescue. Some even highlighted that the crystals might be the ultimate accessory that the Eastern medicinal philosophies landed to us, as they’ve become the main attraction in the luxury wellness market.

They heal and do us good.

Did you know that most ancient civilizations used healing crystals? Crystal energy is used in Ayurvedic medicine to adjust emotional, physical, and metaphysical imbalances within your body.
Crystal infused water is a great option to bring crystals into your life. The crystal elixirs are made by adding crystals to your water, revitalizing it. As water has its own memory, adding crystal to its turn is only going to transfer the energy to the crystal. You can find crystal bottles nowadays that are a modern option of the ancient crystal elixir. They are the best way to absorb pure crystal energy, so don’t hesitate to go online and look for discount coupons.

They bring balance

Healing crystals actually have a special frequency and specific energies that go in line with all seven chakras. Bluestones are going to restore your balance, and lapis lazuli may be the best solution for you. Want to bring back the romance in your bedroom? Try some carnelian and orange sapphire to improve your sexual energy.

They help you feel calmer.

Some crystals (moonstone, hematite, amethyst) are naturally transmitting relaxing and calming energies. We all have in us that part that whispers, “take a break. Breathe and listen!” It helps us remember that we may find peace in the midst of chaos, and healing crystals are going to help. Have you ever tried a crystal bath? Begin with creating a peaceful environment with some essential oils and candles. Place the crystals around your bathtub in order to stimulate the chakras. You’re going to get connected with root chakras, crown, and solar plexus when you’re placing the stones beside your head, stomach, and hips. You may very well place them in the water.

Crystals improve your mental clarity.

Quartz is made of silica which is the most popular element on the planet. Ancient civilizations used it a lot for improving mental clarity. You may focus a lot better on your life by simply holding a piece of clear quartz, taking deep breaths. Simply taking a good look at it is going to help you see things in life crystal clear.

Crystals may improve your performance at work.

We’re surrounded by technology, and everything (smartphone and laptop included) is emitting an electromagnetic field. Suffice it to say, using some digital detox is going to be great. You should take some time out of your electronics in order to clear your mind and to reduce your stress levels.

Shungite, for instance, is a shiny crystal that is loaded with molecular structures that neutralize toxins and free radicals. You may use shungite as a protective shield against electromagnetic fields.

Placing it on your working desk, near your TV set, or next to your computer is going to diminish the bad influence of the electromagnetic field.

Crystals are good for your romantic feelings.

The heart chakra is the main center of love. The best crystals to align with the frequency of this chakra are the pink and green stones. The rose quartz is the most popular option, and it’s the stone of unconditional love. It’s known for its ability to bring comfort in heartache but also to eliminate baggage from a past relationship, opening the heart to all kinds of love. Whether it’s self-love, platonic or romantic, the rose quartz in a necklace is going to mean so much for your heart and feelings. Emerald, malachite, rhodonite are also great heart chakra stones.

Some are great for the skin.

Beautiful and radiant skin is something we’re all looking for. Even if we put our trust and faith in serums and face masks, we may also turn to use crystal-infused formulas. You can find crystal bottles that include a piece of clear quartz for improving the good vibes. The combinations are various, so don’t hesitate to find the one that works best for you.

Can you use the crystals only for your body?

The amazing abilities of crystals don’t stop here, and they can improve the whole life as they have a good influence on your home as well.

Crystals are great for Feng shui

Crystals aren’t just good for your chakras but also for improving the energies in your external environment. They’re great for curing the Feng shui. Simply placing stones in your home/office is going to bring some balance into your space.

Jade is one of the most popular and valuable Feng shui crystals. It symbolizes good luck, new beginnings, and prosperity, and it’s a common choice for a kitchen, bedrooms, or any other space where you’re beginning a new project. You can also go with clear quartz as it’s versatile, being able to cleanse energy and strengthen it all together. It’s really affordable and works with all sorts of decorating choices.

You should consider using clear quartz for your doorknobs. As for the rose quartz, aka the “stone of the heart,” keep in mind that it’s the best choice for love and marriage. Place some of it in a bowl on your nightstand in the bedroom.

Crystals detoxify the home.

Another crystal that you should definitely have in your home is selenite which is an effective cleansing crystal. Place some selenite on the windowsill to eliminate the stagnant energy from a space. Look for plants that come with similar abilities.

Crystals are going to protect your home.

Did you know that the ancient Romans used to embed crystals into their armor and shields for offering protection and power during a battle? Black tourmaline is going to protect you in a fighting situation. Placing a piece of it outside your home is going to keep any intruders away (on an energy level, not literarily).

One final thought

Crystals are great for you and your home, and you should keep in mind that they’re just another way of nature trying to improve our life. As simple as that.

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