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Drugstore vs High-End- When Do You Really Need to Break the Bank?

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Don’t believe what some may say: you don’t need to use the matte lipstick from the high-end brand makeup to get the dramatic look. Drugstore brands are ready to surprise you, and there are plenty of options that work even better than the pricier ones.

Here are some suggestions about when you should pay the extra buck and when it’s wiser to keep an eye on your wallet.

Mascara- go generic

There are plenty of options for you to try in the drugstores and their formulas are quite similar to the ones of high-dollar brands. Many makeup artists out there would actually go with the drugstore brands when it comes to mascara.

It seems that drugstore mascaras present a wearable formula, as opposed to the high-end options. You can find good quality mascara in a drugstore for $5, so don’t be afraid to take the leap of faith.

Foundation- go with the high-end.

This is one makeup product that you cannot do without if you’re a big makeup aficionado. It’s important that you go with one that fits your needs. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to test various shades of foundation in a drugstore, but you can definitely get some samples from the high-end makeup brands. In addition, the high-end makeup foundations may present a better formula that contains serums and even photo-protection factors.

Let’s not forget that high-end foundations offer a great variety of shades and may even be cruelty-free. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find generic brands that offer the same as high-end products.

Keep in mind that the high-end foundations may also come with a better application device, which ensures better coverage and a prettier final look.

Colour corrector- try the generic first.

Colour correctors are rather new in our makeup regimen, but they can mean the world when it comes to hyperpigmentation, dark circles and redness. The right colour corrector may improve the final finish of your makeup, ensuring an even finish. You don’t necessarily need to pay the extra buck for the flawless look, and drugstore colour correctors are up for the task too.The pigments aren’t bad at all in drugstore colour correctors, and you may be able to get good ones for less than $5. Just make sure that the formula goes with your skin type.

Eyeliner- drugstore is fine too.

A pigmented and smooth eyeliner may give you that extra special feel, and you may find amazing options in drugstores. It doesn’t matter if you go with a wand, pencil, brush or a pot- there are so many choices to try, and they come with affordable prices too! The formulas are similar to those of high-end eyeliners, so you shouldn’t pay the extra buck in this case.

High-end lipsticks do present better pigments, and they’re going to last longer too. The formulas also include moisturizing ingredients, so the risk for drying out your lips is smaller in the case of expensive lipsticks.

However, if you’re not sure which colour to stick to and you’re on a hunt for the best colours for you, it’s wiser to go with the drugstore options. It may take you a bit of trial and error until you find the perfect colour that you fancy the most.

Make the splurge if you’re determined to have colourful, well-moisturized lips all day long and get the high-end lipstick instead.

Blush- it’s a tie

A subtle brush may be exactly what your face was missing. The limit between the clownish feel and the elegant rosy-cheeked princess is very easy to cross, so you should always choose right.

You’re able to find an amazing range of blush colours for various skin tones in the drugstore, and some surpass the high-end option. However, the high-end blushes do come with better pigments, so you’re not going to have to layer it up for getting the intended look. Less means more, and you should definitely have your go with the pricy option. Even if you’re going to have to pay more upfront, a little goes a long way, so it’s an investment in the long run.

Some like to change their looks a lot, so the cheaper choices are going to be better. Rosy cheeks don’t have to empty your pockets, nevertheless.

Eyeshadow- we’re torn.

A well-pigmented eyeshadow can totally change your look when used right. You’re going to be able to find colourful, and various options in the drugstore, but the high-end eyeshadows do stand out with the higher pigmentation. The affordable options may end up leaving a chalky feel, and they rarely run smooth and nice on the skin. That’s not the case for high-end eyeshadows. Not only that you’re only going to use less (a little goes a long way due to better pigmentation), but they also leave a nice soft touch feel, lasting all day long.

In the end, you should compromise: get a naked palette for the special occasions from the high dollar brand and slip in some vibrant colours from the drugstore too.

The setting spray/finishing powder- pay the high-dollar

If you want your makeup to stay in place, the finishing powders/setting sprays are the ones to add to your makeup regimen. Unfortunately, it may take some trial and error until you get the best option for your face.

Powders are quite tricky because it’s challenging to find one that brightens your skin/matches your skin, or it’s perfectly translucent. You should play it safe and get a high-end spray/powder for the best results. You want to invest in something that is going to eliminate the need for reapplication.

The final line

You should do due diligence and decide for yourself which products you’re not willing to compromise about. It’s only you to decide if you want to spend more on a perfect mascara or perfectly coloured lipstick. Don’t be afraid to try several options or to combine the high-end with the generic brands. After all, getting the perfect look doesn’t come easy!

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