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Clear Mascara- Everything You Want to Know About It

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Clear mascara is an exciting and useful makeup product that you can use in various situations, not only for your eyelashes.

What is the point of clear mascara?

When you’re not planning something fancy for the day, or you go to the beach, the clear mascara is a great addition to your makeup routine. You should consider it when going to the beach as it’s going to help your eyes look beautiful without the risk of getting some “raccoon eyes” after a swim session. There’s no risk for having a big black run on your face after swimming nor for clumping throughout the day when using clear mascara for a swimming day.

Clear mascara is a great solution when you don’t want a black mess on your face, and you can apply it on both the bottom and top lashes for some extra curl effect.

What can you use clear mascara for?

Here are some of the essential uses of clear mascara:

For controlling your brows

If your eyebrows are a bit more challenging to manage, some clear mascara is a great way to tame them. You can give your brows a thick and dark appearance without even adding some color. Groom your brows with some clear mascara. You can only apply a light layer for improving their appearance. You don’t want to use too much of it as it’s going to leave a crispy feel for your brows.

For the lightly colored brows, a tinted product is going to help you obtain a fuller appearance for the eyebrows.

Create a makeup-free look

Anyone going for the makeup-free look is going enjoy using clear mascara. Some tinted lip balm and a good BB cream can help you create the perfect makeup-free appearance. If your eyelashes are blonde, you may want to look for colored mascara. Use a lightweight product for adding some definition, without losing the natural vibe for your look.

Apply it on the bottom lashes

Using two types of mascara is a good idea. Extra volume and black color are significant for the top, but you may want to keep it simple and clear with the bottom lashes. Therefore, use clear mascara on the low lashes line and black/brown mascara on top so that you can create a natural look.

Use if for your hair

Clear mascara is excellent to use for obtaining a sleek hairstyle. For an ideally looking updo, you may apply just a dab of it, eliminating the need for heavy hold-styling products. The clear mascara is going to help every hair strand stay in place, without adding the extra weight.

Play with the colors

When you’re in the mood of some fun games, you can add colored pigments for obtaining colorful mascara. You may blend a fun eye shadow with clear mascara, which is going to work great for creating a unique appearance. You should only use makeup specially formulated for use around the eyes. You don’t want to use products that aren’t safe to use around the eyes, especially if you’re prone to allergies.

Can you use Vaseline as clear mascara?

One of the most common things in a bathroom cabinet is Vaseline (petroleum jelly). Not only that it has healing properties, but it also has cosmetic uses.
As long as you know how to do it right, a dab of Vaseline can give your makeup the final touch that you’ve been aiming for. Don’t hesitate to learn all about it.

Does clear mascara make eyelashes grow?

Many suggest that clear mascara can help your eyelashes grow, but you should take the info with a grain of salt. More often than not, the claims of the manufacturer aren’t entirely true.

Long story short, does clear mascara make eyelashes grow or not?

The simple answer is that it depends a lot on mascara’s composition. Several ingredients have been proving to work when it comes to growing eyelashes. Here are the most important ones:

Soy protein can sustain hair growth

Many mascaras out there contain soy extract, and that’s because soybeans are helping the hair to grow. They’re capable of making eyelashes fuller and longer.

At the same time, soy may lower the risk for baldness and hair loss, which is quite impressive for a natural ingredient.

You can put your money at stake with clear mascara formulated with soy as it’s going to sustain the health of your eyelashes.

Keratin benefits the eyelashes as well

Keratin is another type of protein that may improve hair volume. It makes the hair follicles reduce the gaps, which results in thicker hair eventually. Keratin is known for its “lifting” effect on eyelashes. You can use it as a treatment for curling your lashes. Besides, its effect is durable, and it’s a safer solution than extensions.

Does clear mascara make eyelashes grow?

As long as your clear mascara is formulated with soy protein and keratin, you may have a better chance of getting longer and healthier lashes after regular use. Keep in mind though that they’re not the only ingredients that boost hair growth.

Can clear mascara damage your eyelashes?

When you’re applying clear mascara the right way, you should stress about significant eyelash loss. The situation can take for a turn when you’re using the wrong product for your type of lashes, or you’re not applying the clear mascara the right way.

What causes the eyelashes to fall out?

Several conditions may cause your eyelashes to thin or fall out. Here are some of them:

Using waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is typically drying in the eyes, which makes it also difficult to remove. Even if you don’t feel it, you may pull some of your eyelashes while removing waterproof mascara. It’s one of the reasons for which you shouldn’t use it every day, but only when you have to.

You’re not using the right product for you

When you’re shopping for eye makeup, take a look at the ingredients, and stay away from anything containing petroleum. Not only that is harsh for the delicate eyes, but it can also harm eyelashes growth.

You should consider playing it safe and start using hypoallergenic and organic mascara. This type of mascara doesn’t harm the growth of eyelashes nor strip them away from the natural moisture, as chemical based mascara may cause.

You’re only using too much mascara

Even if mascara (clear mascara included) is always going to give you a dramatic appearance, it may not be the best product to use every single day. Using it too often is going to wear the lashes out also because you need to use cosmetic products for removing mascara entirely.

You’re using the same product for too long

In case you didn’t know, you’re supposed to replace your mascara every 2-3 months. The risk for eye makeup to develop bacteria buildup is way higher than with other cosmetic products. You do use the same brush every single day without cleaning it. Apart from the possibility of making your eyelashes fall out, an out-of-date mascara can only hurt your vision. Eyelashes also need some time out for breathing, just like your skin does. Even if it’s tempting, don’t use mascara when you’re not going out. Removing mascara before going to sleep is also mandatory for the health of your eyelashes.

One last note

Clear mascara is a great and reliable addition to anyone’s makeup arsenal, and if it’s a novelty to you, you should look for the tips of getting the best out of it.


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