Choosing the Best Breast Pumps

It has long been a convention in almost all cultures to breast feed infants for a year or longer. But with the changing times and more mothers working at different jobs this tradition started to shift. Bottle feeding and other modes of nutrition were substituted due to time pressures. Until recently it was a question of maternal choice whether to breast feed their babies or not. Now with understanding based on newer research, more mothers are turning towards breast feeding Breast feeding is important in two perspectives. One in terms of nourishment and other in terms filial love developed due to this close bond between mother and child.

In recent years breast feeding pumps have become extremely popular. Breast pumps come in to  focus with mothers feeding their babies indirectly i.e. lactating their  milk in a bottle first and then feeding it to the baby or mothers who  are indecisive to breast feed their recent born babies. These mother must maintain lactation in order avoid common problems that might include the formation of painful lumps in breast to maintaining a continuous flow of milk in order to feed their baby later. Same is the case with mothers who have given premature birth and are not able to lactate milk properly.

Best-breast-pumps offers to help new mothers in making their  choice of best breast pumps available in the market as well as suggest  useful breast feeding tips so that they can feed their new born baby  with ease and informed understanding. Breast pump range from manual to electrical types. You will find on this website plenty of information helping you to buy and decide breast pump that is suitable for you and matches your budget.

Whether you are house wife or a working lady, this website has useful information and a product range from which you can choose as per your needs. There are three basic types of breast pumps which includes hand and foot operated, inexpensive battery or electric operated and hospital or near hospital grade pumps.  Since each pump has its own unique functions and feature you will have find out which suits your needs best.

Using breast pumps is an excellent way that mothers can use to make the best out of breastfeeding. One thing that a breast pump can do is to supplement breastfeeding. Several mothers out there would love to breastfeed their baby’s just right after they get back from work. The best breast pump would then become a vital tool in giving their infant the best nutrition that they could ever give. Aside from that, breast pumps can be of big help to mothers when they travel or during moments when they are away from their infants. For this reason, finding the best breast pump is a must.

Types of Breast Pumps

Selecting the best breast pump can take a lot of thinking to do. There are four types of breast pumps that  you mothers can choose from and these include; the manual pump, the  electric or battery pump (mid-grade), electric pump (upper end) and  hospital grade breast pumps. Take a closer look to each of them below:

Manual pump: This type of breast pump needs to be done with the use of two hands. Other manual breast pumps are crafted using one hand only and a lot of mothers view this as the best breast pump. One of its interesting features is that it copies the infant’s suction.

Electric/Battery Pump (Mid-grade): This one needs more effort than other the other types, yet they actually work very well. The moms who use this type of electric breast pump are the ones that leave their infants to a babysitter and for those times when they need an alternative to formula. The electric/battery pump is also very portable.

Electric pump (Upper End):  This the best breast pump to those moms who are working full time since  this type of breast pump is very easy to manage, is lightweight and  portable.

Hospital Grade breast pumps: These types of breast pumps are crafted for consistent breast feeding. They are ideal for moms whose babies cannot latch on properly. There are double collection styles available for the hospital breast pump.

How to Identify Which Breast Pump is for you

How do mothers know which the best breast pump is for them? There are factors that can help moms identify which they think is the best breast pump. In choosing the ideal breast pump, mothers must consider the following; how they plan to use the breast pump, how much time it takes for them to pump, if the pump’s instructions are easy to understand or not, where the moms will be when they use the pump, if the pump is easy to transport and if the breast shields fit them.

Importance of Breast Pumps

It is important to choose the best breast pump  since it is something can help mothers in breastfeeding their babies  even when they are not around. There are many reasons why breast pumps  are important. First, breast pumps increase breast milk supply and  especially if the right breast pump is used. Aside from that, breast  pumps can also help heal breasts that are injured, engorged breasts and  cracked nipples. Furthermore, breast pumps can help moms store breast  milk in the freezer for many months. Breast pumps can also help mothers  when they are already planning to stop breastfeeding but they still  would want their infants to get the benefits of breast milk.


Are you a working mom and would still  want to breast feed your baby while you are away? Do you want to travel,  store breast milk for a long time and have injured breasts? If that is  the case, then you should get yourself the best breast pump that you  could ever find. There are several types that you can choose from to  find the one that will suit you best. There are several benefits of  using breast pumps so start using them from now on.

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