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Best Organic Lipstick

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We all want beautiful, irresistible, hydrated or kissable lips, but most of the designed products found on the market today contain a lot of unhealthy and sometimes harmful ingredients. Experts also say that regular ones have a higher risk than other cosmetics because we absorb or ingest the chemical elements through our lips. We must select the products carefully, search for natural ingredients and free of artificial ones so let’s find out which are the greatest organic lipsticks.

What do we want?

First of all, we should always check the label because it will tell us if the product contains toxic substances or artificial ingredients like petrochemicals, parabens, lead, sulfates or synthetic fragrances or colors.

Organic vs. Natural

Secondly, we should know the difference between organic and natural because a lot of the products in the cosmetic fashion have multiple characteristics.
Natural products mean in generally that the product’s ingredients are not synthetical manufactured, but made with substances that we find in nature, with vegetable, animal or marine origins like plants or fruits.
But there is not a standard agency to regulate the use of term “natural,” so we can buy a product with the label “natural” that contains only 20%-30% natural ingredients.

How “organic” are these products?

Organic products mean that the ingredients are grown and collected in an ecological environment, without hormones, synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, or genetically modified organisms. The National Organic Program, which regulates the products ”organic”, applies specifically to the food industry, not to the beauty industry. There are four categories of organic labeling:

– 100% organic: contains only certified ecologically produced ingredients;

– contains minimum 95% organically derived ingredients;

These two categories can display the USDA seal and the mark of the organic certifying agent.

– made with organic ingredients: these products must contain minimum 70% organic substances.

-processed products containing ecological ingredients: have less than 70% organic ingredients and can not use the term “organic” on the main label, but can specify the organically produced ingredients on the information panel.

Because of the components processed in lipstick industry, a lot of the products can’t be entirely organic, most of them incorporate less than 95% organic ingredients.
Also, many brands use different substances in their products, and they advertise that a lot, but that doesn’t mean their products are certified organic. So, we should always read the label.
Thirdly, when shopping for organic lipstick, we should look for right texture, color selection, application or duration.
Nowadays these lipsticks are found in a large variety of colors suitable for our skin tone. Finding the right texture depends on what type of lips we have. Moisturizing and creamy ones are suited for dry lips and a maximum hydration so we can wear them all day. Satin and matte formulas tend to dehydrate, but also give volume to our lips.

Top 3 Organic Lipstick Reviews

Nudus Organic Lipstick by Nudus


Package: Beautiful minimalist white canister
Texture: creamy with a touch of matte
Application: smoothly
Color selection: 10 shades
Duration: long lasting

Formula: made with organic ingredients certified by Cosmos Organic ( certified by Australian Certified Organic), colors extracts made from flowers, herbs, fruits, and minerals, gluten-free, cruelty-free.

Performance and reviews: This Australian handcrafted lipstick comes with high expectations due to his certified organic ingredients that include essential oils, vitamins, antioxidants. The consistency of the product is creamy, leaving the lips soft hydrated and with a touch of matte for many hours, needing a little bit of touch only after drinking or eating. The color selection is unique and beautiful, creating a natural everyday look.


  • moisturizing
  • superb pigmentation
  • long lasting color
  • applies even and smoothly

Ilia Beauty Lipstick by ILIA Beauty

Package: nice sleek metal tube and recyclable
Texture: creamy with a semi-matte finish
Application: smooth and even
Color selection: 15 shades
Duration: long lasting

Formula: made with 72% certified organic ingredients, cruelty-free, gluten, and dairy free.
This product comes in a rich, vibrant color selection, suitable for all skin types. At first, it can be a little dry, but after, the texture is creamy, super smooth and nonsticky, leaving a lovely matte finish on the lips. Highly pigmented, this lipstick has a good coverage and last a long time.


  • hydrating
  • luscious long lasting colors
  • superb pigmentation
  • easy to apply


  • sometimes highlights dry patches
  • a bit expensive

AfterGlow Organic Infused Lip Love Lipstick by Afterglow Cosmetics


Package: black with silver tube
Texture: creamy with sheer or matte finish
Duration: a couple of hours
Application: sometimes not so smoothly
Color selection: 13 shades

Formula: made with certified organic ingredients, cruelty-free, soy free, certified gluten-free.
This Infused love lipstick comes in a multitude of vibrant and dynamic colors, with a variety of matte, sheer and shimmer shades. The extracts and oils bring a good hydration, gentle for the lips, but the shimmer shades have a texture not as creamy as the matte ones. It feels good and light on the lips, not heavy or sticky. The application is a bit harder. The product has an excellent pigmentation and brings a full coverage.


  • beautiful colors and lots of shades
  • good coverage and pigmentation


  • some of the shades are drier than the rest
  • does not stay very long

Best Organic Vegan Lipstick

Juice Beauty Conditioning Lip Color by Juice Beauty.


Texture: moisturizing with a semi-sheer touch
Application: even
Color Selection: 2 shades: pink and fig
Duration: a couple of hours

Formula: made with certified organic ingredients, cruelty-free, vegan.
This hybrid product between a lipstick and a lip cream comes in only two natural colors made from raspberries and goji berries, a plum red and a rose pink. The application is smooth, the pigmentation is natural and lovely and looks healthy, but sometimes it can feel dry.


  • natural pigmentation
  • good price
  • moisturizing


  • due to his small diameter of the tube, it can be difficult to apply on full lips
  • poor color selection

Best Red Organic Lipstick

Living Nature Wild Fire Lipstick by Natural Beauty Limited


Package: classical black tube
Texture: creamy with semi-matte finish
Application: smoothly
Color selection: warm classic red
Duration: long lasting

Formula: certified organic ingredients by Cosmos Organic, certified natural by BDIH, cruelty-free, gluten-free, carmine-free.
This gorgeous handcrafted lipstick comes all the way from New Zealand. Natural Beauty describes it as a warm classic red combined with a lip balm, but it is closer to a bright red with an orange undertone. It feels soft and comfortable on the lips and lasts well a long time. It is quite moisturizing, well pigmentated and can be applied lightly or layered to intensify the color and make it bold.


  • beautiful bright red
  • moisturizing
  • smoothly coverage


  • expensive

Cheap Organic Lipstick

Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Lipstick by HoneyBee Gardens

Package: silver tube
Texture: moisturizing
Application: even
Color Selection: 19 shades
Duration: a couple of hours

Formula: Contains certified organic ingredients (cocoa butter, sesame, and sunflower seed oil), gluten-free, vegan., paraben-free.
With a delicious and rich color selection, this is the best choice for a low price product that contains natural elements. It’s very moisturizing, with well-pigmentated shades. The application is smooth, and it feels very comfortable and soft on the lips, not sticky or waxy. The lips stay full for a good period.


  • great shades collection, hydrating, even application.


  • the colors on the site can be different than in reality, can soften in a warmer environment or detach from the tube.


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