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Best Nose Hair Trimmer

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Nose hair is an important feature of our bodies. It is the first barrier that air encounters before entering in our lungs. It keeps bacteria and other particles from penetrating our respiratory system. But if these hairs start to grow and reach out from our nostrils, then it’s time to start showing them who’s the boss.

What is the finest nose hair trimmer?

When it comes to ingenuity and versatility, manufacturers never let us down even when talking about nose hair trimmers. They come in all shapes and sizes, with different types of blades and some even come with their own vacuum system. When choosing a nose hair trimmer, a waterproof model with vacuum incorporated represents the right alternative.

Most certainly this excessive nose hair growth seems more typical for men than women. However, women can also encounter this problem. Since for women, excessive nose hair may be a more unpleasant experience which sometimes, may seem socially embarrassing plus the fact that most  trimmers for men are quite bulky, we decided to make a list of the top 7 nose hair trimmers that can be used by both men and women. We also included a section reserved only for the right nose hair trimmer for women, to highlight the similarities and differences between products.

Top 7 Nose Hair Trimmers Reviews

Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer with Vacuum

Product description: When it comes to the right nose hair trimmer on the market, you can’t overlook Panasonic’s nose hair trimmer. Its small size and 1 AA battery operated system makes this trimmer a great choice for traveling. The product also comes with a traveling pouch and cleaning brush, to pack all you need when traveling. It also does a great job at cutting pesky facial hairs without pulling hairs and can also help trim brows. Also, this product can be used in the shower or anywhere else sue to its micro-vacuum system that captures the trimmed hairs, leaving no traces behind. Depending on how well the trimmer is taken care of, it can have a live span up to 7 years without breaking apart. However, for some, this product didn’t last long enough, and another downside is the blades. In spite of the nose hair trimmer’s low price, the replacement blades cost more than the product itself which is rather inconvenient. Nevertheless, for as long as it has been on the market, this product never stopped to please customers, hence the number one spot on our list.


  • water safe
  • micro-vacuum
  • battery powered
  • easy cleaning

Fancii Professional Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer with LED Light


Product description: Besides having a vacuum system, it also features a LED light for an easier, more precise trim. The blade system provides a well clean cut and guarantees no hair pulling. It is powered by a single AA battery which makes it easier for the user to recharge. Due to its improved motor system, it runs quietly and smooth, with a remarkable cutting power. The product is easy to handle, however, at some point, it may seem flimsy because the casing doesn’t look sturdy enough to withstand the power of the motor. The trimmer also comes with a stand for convenient placement. For some, the LED may be useful while others preferred the trimmer not have one since it seems a little gimmicky. Other than that, the company keeps contact with the customers making sure they are satisfied with the product.


  • quiet
  • light weight
  • great trimming


  • LED may have a weak light

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer


Product description: This hair trimmer stands apart from the other nose hair trimmers on the market. This product is small and is manually operated. The company guarantees that he patented blade system will never go dull. Because it doesn’t run on battery, you don’t need to worry about charging. The small size of the trimmer makes it easier to reach areas where other electrical nose hair trimmers cannot reach. The blades are so sharp; they seem to last a lifetime. The instructions for this nose hair trimmer are very simple, just twist the bottom and make sure to move it while twisting. Otherwise, nose hair can get plucked out rather than trimmed. This may not be a suitable product for those who don’t have fine motor skills.


  • small
  • manually operated
  • guaranteed long lasting blade sharpness


  • may be difficult to handle

Philips NT5175/49 Norelco Nose trimmer

Product description: It comes with many head adapters to make the best of your trimming experience. Although these features may be more useful for men rather than women, the device is safe to use in the shower and can also remove any unwanted facial hairs. The detail comb of the trimmer works great when it comes to shaping eyebrows without having to withstand the pain of plucking. This device is powered by a single AA battery, which makes it perfect for traveling. Because it doesn’t have a rotary blade system, instead the blades are placed on the side, it may be a little difficult to handle. However, it gives a more precise and defined cut than other nose hair trimers. It may not be suitable for people who do have a lot of nose hair since it may take longer to assure that the hairs have been trimmed.


  • ideal for brow as well as nose hair
  • precise cut

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Ear & Hair Trimmer

Product description: The most interesting feature of this nose hair trimmer is the Vortex Cleaning System which cleans the blade while running immersed in water. This feature assures a great this product to be hygienic and very easy to maintain clean. Because it’s water resistant, the trimmer can be used while showering. It runs on one AA battery, assuring a total of 90 minutes of trimming. The dual blade system ensures a clean cut without ever having to worry about pulled hairs. The main downside is that the blade system is spring controlled. Extensive use may cause the springs to burst, creating a grinding sound and eventually causes this to stop working.


  • great cleaning system
  • wet/dry use


  • may deteriorate easily in time

KEEPO Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

Product description: This device comes in a unique shape and size. Unlike most nose trimmers, this one does not require a battery to function. This nose hair trimmer cuts nose hair by just pressing a clipper. This is very convenient because you can single-handedly operate the nose hair trimmer giving you total control. The blade system is guaranteed not to wear out and promises to give a pleasant experience. It comes with a fingernail clip, ear pick and cleaning brush, all nicely packed in a stainless steel case. No battery and small size means the trimmer can be kept very handy pretty much anywhere at any time. Despite these benefits, the trimmer may come undone because the screw holding the clipper may loosen up.


  • easy to use
  • no battery required
  • long lasting sharpness of blades


  • may take a while to get used to
  • trimmer may loosen up

Wahl Ear, Nose and Brow Lighted Trimmer #5546-200


Product description: Besides trimming nose hair, the device comes with an interchangeable head to easily trim eyebrow hairs. In this way, the head used for nose hair trimming is separated from the other, assuring a high level of hygiene. The trimmer comes with an integrated spotlight to shed light in areas hard to see. This device operates on a single AA battery and can also be used either for wet or dry trimming. Despite the cutting precision, this trimmer does not offer a close cut because the blade head is more prominent. In some cases the spotlight may not be powerful enough to actually light up dark areas. In spite these minor disadvantages, the product is durable and lasts longer than other similar products.


  • wet/dry trim
  • durable
  • doesn’t pull hairs


  • light may be too dim

Best Nose Hair Trimmer for Women

Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer for Women

Product description: Similar to other trimmers, this promises to do a lot. It trims facial hair without tugging hair or plucking it and it’s also a great hair trimmer. Besides these, it can also be used a bikini razor too. In contrast to other similar products, this device looks smaller than a regular sized electric nose hair trimmer for men and comes in a sleek wand design. This is a great advantage, making it very convenient for women to simply through it in the purse wherever they go and use it whenever they need to. The blade head is detachable for easier cleaning under water stream. Like other similar products, this trimmer is great for shaping eyebrows too. This little nifty device may come with some disadvantages. For some customers, the trimmer stopped working even after the batter was changed. In some other cases, it may trim a little too close to the skin causing minor scratches, especially while trimming nose hair.


  • sleek wand design
  • multifunctional
  • easy to use


  • may scratch the nostrils if not handled carefully

If you are conscious about your ear & nose hair trimmer, I think you must consider the best hair clippers and trimmers also. Because hair clippers are essential for trimming your kids hair and a must have product of the barbers shop. For the instances, here you check the top rated hair clippers for home and professional use.

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