Best makeup for acne

Concealing Acne can prove to be a very irksome and prolonged task that will leave you exhausted by the time you reach the finish point. Even if you are applying the best makeup for acne, a minor makeup mix-up can leave your acne exposed and visible. The trick lies in using smart makeup that will fasten your makeup process while hiding all visible spots and scars.

Before you apply your best makeup for acne, you must consult your dermatologist to find out what is causing the acne; hormonal imbalances, drugs, stress, cosmetics and so on. In case of cosmetics, confirm the products with your dermatologist before you proceed to use them.

Procedure to apply the best Makeup for Acne

The first step before applying makeup is to wash your face clean with a cleanser with lukewarm water. Gently wipe your face dry with a dry washcloth.

Apply products for acne treatment

  • Use products that have been recommended by your dermatologist, for your acne skin treatment, on to your freshly rinsed skin. Any makeup would be applied only after this step.
  • Apply a moisturizer for sun protection with SPF 15 or above. This will protect the skin from harmful UV radiation and keep the skin better hydrated.
  • Optionally use primers if your skin is afflicted with scars. It also helps smooth out the fine lines and prepares the skin for foundation followed by the actual makeup.

Conceal Blemishes, if any

If your skin exposes active breakouts, it would be best to dab it clean with a concealer. Use cleaned fingertips or a soft sponge to apply the concealer on the skin. Allow 5-10 seconds for the concealer to absorb into the skin. Green or yellow concealers do a fantastic job of hiding aggravated red pimples.

Choose a foundation that matches both skin type and skin color. Do not wipe or rub the foundation into the skin, instead pat it dry. For skin types with massive acne, apply foundation in 2 layers; the first layer should be used in a light tone followed by a darker tone.

Add the finishing touch with facial powder

For the final touch, use facial powder of your choice and pep up with blush, lipstick or eyeshadow

My best make up for acne: Some quick tips!!!

1. Ensure that your makeup kit contains oil-free products.
2. All your make up items must mandatorily be non-comedogenic (i.e., it should not clog the pores)
3. Strictly avoid products that contain benzoyl peroxide.
4. Be extra-cautious if you are applying medication underneath your makeup layers as this may cause the skin to dry up fast and lead to reckless clogging of pores.

My best makeup for acne: Using Mineral Makeup

By its composition, mineral makes up, by far, is the best makeup for acne as it is fully equipped to support all kinds of skin imperfections without being immensely fussy on sensitive skin. In the following steps, you will learn how to transform acne-prone skin into a shiny and flawless glowing skin.

1. Assimilate your mineral makeup lotion toner, soap/cleanser, primer and foundation brushes.

2. Wash your face thoroughly with soap/cleanser in lukewarm water, followed by application of an oil-free moisturizer on the skin. Ensure that the moisturizer is NOT applied on acne prone areas of the skin.

3. Use a green cover-up primer on the face before applying the mineral makeup. Primers help smooth out the fine lines and prepares the skin for foundation followed by the actual makeup. Green primers help hide the red spots of acne efficiently than primers of any other color.

4. Use green concealers to conceal any rashes or blemishes on the skin. Green concealers offset the red patches on the skin to render an even distribution of skin tone.

5. Use a foundation brush and gently apply the mineral foundation on the face. Unlike conventional makeup, you need only very little touch-up in case of mineral makeup before you can obtain that glowing effect.

6. Apply a mineral “veil” over the face. i.e., use the mineral powder to render the finishing touches to your makeup. This is similar to the application of facial powder at the end of a conventional makeup regime. Now your face looks well maintained, polished and glowing. Optionally, your best makeup for acne can end on a light mineral bronzer to add a sparkling dash to your face.

How to recognize what makeup is right for you

No makeup is good enough unless it suits your skin type and glows on your skin. You can always take tips and pointers from experts and friends, but when it comes to choosing makeup or making the ultimate decision on the best makeup for your skin, you are the best judge because no one knows your skin better than you do.

For an acne prone skin type, it is more than essential to get your hands on the right breed of makeup that matches your skin type and color. Here are a few guidelines that may help you choose the best makeup for acne skin types:

Opt for mineral makeup over their conventional counterparts as these rests on the skin, prevent clogging of pores and will not exacerbate acne. In the long run, they also help reduce the appearance of acne thereby rendering your skin with a natural glow.

Do not invest in cheap brands to save money, temporarily. Though well-known brands are expensive, these are established for their quality and consistency. The products are long-lasting, and the benefits so-obtained will do wonders for your skin.

Research on the best brands

Find out what brands your friends and family members are using. Lean on the opinion of those who you think are doing a great job with their skin. Or get on the internet and do your research on the best brands that will match your skin tone.

Match your color with your makeup

Seek professional help, if required, to match your skin color with a desirable makeup tone that you intend to use. Makeup products that are closely associated with your color help create the natural look effortlessly.

Makeup for an acne prone skin is no longer a nightmare as there are best brands in the market that will help you come out of your acne blues. The Best makeup for acne is that can be seen and felt as naturally as possible, so pick up your best brand and feel beautiful to look amazing.

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