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Best Health Insurance for International Students In the USA

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When you decide to move to the United States of America to study, mixed feelings are to be expected. Not only that it helps you get a global outlook, but you also have the opportunity to meet students from all over the world.

Seeing historical sites in the US, meeting people with diverse backgrounds, and experiencing the US culture mean so much for anyone development.

Apart from the fantastic benefits, the logistical issues are also in the picture, with health insurance being one of the most important ones.

No matter how great is your health in your country, when you move to another country (or continent), the risk of getting sick is quite high due to the unexpected changes in weather, the new environment or the modern cuisine. Getting proper health insurance is one matter that you should also address when moving for studies in the USA. The choices are many, which is why you should keep reading for the details on the most popular options.

International student insurance

International Student insurance is one of the best choices out there for an international student. All of the plans come at the most affordable rates.

Another benefit is that any health insurance plan is recognized in the US and anywhere around the globe too. The programs ensure impressive coverage for the daily needs of a student.

A student can choose one of the three health insurance plans (the Student Health, Travel Medical, and the Major Medical), with the Student Health being the most valuable choice for the international students studying in the USA.

The Student Health plan provides global health insurance that matches the needs of the significant majority of universities and colleges abroad and in the US. There are four levels to choose from (Smart, Select, Budget, and Elite); each of them has fantastic advantages.

HCC Tokio Marine Medical Insurance Services Group is administering the International Insurance plans, so you shouldn’t worry about the reliability.

Study USA Insurance for J1 visa scholars and F1 Visa Students

Study USA Health medical insurance comes with attractive prices for international students/scholars that complete their studies in the US. It’s also a fantastic plan for the USA students that are studying abroad.

Study USA is both flexible and comprehensive, meeting the needs of students and dependents at the same time. The insurance matches the health/medical insurance requirements for international students at numerous universities and colleges in the US.

  • Here are some of the benefits that the students choosing the insurance plan may have:
  • The program provides generous coverage with bonuses for various incidents
  • The program is according to the J1 visa conditions and requirements
  • Complete compensation in case of disbarment or incidental death
  • Waiver of deductibles when the medical services are provided from the student’s health centre
  • Lifetime maximum protection against terrorism, emergency reunion, maternity care, repatriation of the remains- are some of the many benefits.

Student Health Advantage

The health insurance cover is created for groups (five and more) or for individual students/scholars that are involved in programs across the US. It includes a comprehensive annual renewable medical plan.

Student Health Advantage complies with the international student visa requirements, including benefits for maternity, mental health, international emergency care, organized sports, and pre-existing conditions.

IMG runs the Student Health Advantage makes sure that the educational experiences in the US come with a lot more than academic benefits. The plan is flexible and responsive, matching the requirements of international students that enrol in long-term educational programs. Should they need medical attention, the international students may access no less than 17,000 health care providers all over the US.

Here are the conditions that the applicants must meet for applying for this type of health insurance:

  • Must be a foreign citizen in the US, and travelling to the US for enrolling in international educational chores (college/university research, coursework, tutoring for a specific amount of time)
  • Must be a full-time scholar/student, or it’s the spouse of a full-time student/scholar. An independent person travelling together with a full-time scholar/student may also apply for the insurance.
  • Must be physically and legally residing in the SU for at least a month
  • Another university/college and Visa requirements may apply as well
  • There are numerous benefits for the Health Advantage plan for students and coverage for keeping the students/scholars safe and healthy. It’s reliable and doesn’t empty the wallet either.

Patriot Exchange Health Insurance program

It’s designed for individuals or groups (at least five) scholars/students that study in the US or are part of a cultural exchange program. It’s designed for matching the J1 and J2 US travel health insurance specifications.

IMG is providing good medical coverage with this plan, with a 24/7 comprehensive package of international advantages. Individuals and dependents may look for medical attention with a hospital or doctor when they sign for this plan.

Here are some of the conditions that one has to meet for signing up for the health plan:

  • Must be foreign in the US or travelling to the US for educational jobs. Tutoring, research and college/university coursework are also within the category.
  • Must be a full-time student/scholar, the spouse of a full-time scholar/student. Even an independent person travelling together with a student/scholar may apply for this health insurance plan.
  • Must be living legally in the US for at least a month
  • Another college medical and Visa specifications may apply.
  • One last piece of advice before making the final choice
  • When you’re not a native English speaker, getting all the terminology from health insurance plans may intimidate and make the whole process a lot more challenging.

It’s essential that you know at least some of the most critical terms for the health insurance domain:

Premium- it’s what you pay every month (you can also pay it every six months) for having insurance. It’s like a Netflix subscription, but with benefits for your well-being.

Claim- should an accident take place, a request is going to be released. You can do it online or by hand. More often than not, you’re going to have to submit reports, receipts, and photos as well.

Deductible-it’s a pre-established amount that you have to pay before the insurance starts paying in case of a problem. The range is rather, and it may impact the premiums. The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly costs are going to be. The deductible is the maximum amount that you need to pay in a year before the insurance is active.

Co-payment or co-pay- it’s the fixed amount that you need to pay the doctor when he’s accomplishing the services.

Co-insurance- the plan may also include some co-insurance payments, which consists of the percentage of what you’ll pay once you reach/exceed the deductible. It’s a percentage per se (10%, for instance)

In and out of network- when you benefit from health insurance in the US, there are two main categories to consider. The HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations) and the PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). The rates for services may differ according to the procedures that some individuals may perform (in or out of network).

One last suggestion

Only the fact that you’re considering studying in the US is impressive, but you need to show you’re a responsible citizen all the way and applying for a health plan insurance is one of the necessary things to do.


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