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Best Blue Black Hair Dye

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You want a mysterious look or just feel the need t to try something more vibrant? You’re thinking that a blue tint will do the job for your hair? It surely will! Searching for the best blue black hair dye brand might be a difficult task but there are some products that we are happy to tell you about. Why? Of course, because they’re the best! You have to be careful when buying hair dye especially to assure yourself that the hair damage made by the dye won’t be a big one. You don’t want your hair to look like a broom after painting it, right?

Why black?

It’s not easy for a woman to wear a blue black hair. This color fits only to brave, mysterious and powerful woman and we’re sure that you’re one of them if you picked this shade. After your first day out with your new look, you will feel more confident, people will stare at your new fabulous hair color and you will notice how beautifully the blue shades will glow into the light! Of course, if you’re not ready for a big change like this one, you can also try painting only some hair strands. That is definitely a way to catch everyone’s attention and if we think about it, this is what we all want, right? And don’t worry about the haircut, this color looks amazing with short bobs, medium or even long hair.

Wearing such an amazing hair color can bring you many benefits, for example, at a party, you don’t really have to spend a fortune on clothes that you think will make you shine like a star! With a proper make-up, those blue reflexions will guarantee you the “Diva of the night” title!

Top Best Black Hair Dyes Reviews

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, Blue Black by John Frieda

Package: It contains developer, colorant, gloves, hair conditioner, and sealant.

About hair dye: Permanent foam, color 2A luminous blue black

Performance and review: You always wished for a beautiful hair color that will make your hair look healthy and shiny? This foam from John Frieda is one of the best permanent blue-black hair dyes, and it guarantees that the hair coverage will be flawless and your hair will become very luminous. Also, the foam is easy to apply, and it reaches in places where others hair dye makes it problematic. Your look will be spectacular, and everybody will want to know which is the salon that made you look so great!

And you should keep in mind that all reviews agreed to one thing, the foam makes your hair look shiny, the blue shades will glow in the light, and it’s very easy to apply.


  • Non-drip
  • Shiny
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t dry
  • Long-lasting



  • It contains ammonia, avoid contact with eyes


Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Color Creme, BL21 Reflective Blue Black by Garnier

Package: It contains crème developer, color crème, fruit oil concentrate, conditioner, gloves and towel

About hair dye: Color blue-black 21, permanent hair color

Performance and review: Ready for a big change? The blue-black hair color is a choice for everyone, for sure. This Garnier product is designed for all those who want a significant transformation with one easy step, and the reviews said that this might also be the greatest blue-black hair dye for African American hair.You don’t need any bleach, it will make your hair feel smooth and soft, and it has a good smell. Who doesn’t want a reflective blue-black color which will shine and make you feel like a real diva!


  • Silky
    • Soft
    • Good smell
    • No bleaching
    • Doesn’t fade


  • Does not hold too much


Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color , 2BB Natural Blue Black by Clairol

Package: It contains color formula, color activator, conditioner and gloves

About hair dye: Color natural blue-black, permanent dye

Performance and review: You always wanted a blue-black hair dye that makes your hair look smooths, has rich tones of blue and it’s easy to apply. In this case, the Clarinol Nice’n easy foam will not only give you that color you always dreamed for, but will also cover all the gray hair which we know you hate. Also, this is very easy to apply, and it will take you no more than 25 minutes.But the result will be spectacular! You will have to keep in mind that black, even with blue shades, it’s a color that you can easily take off once you’re bored or want to change it into something lighter.




  • It contains ammonia, avoid contact with eyes


L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted by Feria

Package: comes with color gel, conditioning developer crème, power shimmer conditioner, aromatic serum and gloves

About hair dye: Color bright black 21, permanent gel dye

Performance and review: You want an intensified blue-black color that will make you shine at your office, at home or a party? Feeria, the hair dye from L’Oreal Paris, was designed for a bold impression and for those who want to turn heads wherever the go. One of the best things about this hair dye is that after you use it, your hair won’t tangle a lot, it will have a silky, smooth and soft aspect and you’ll enjoy playing with it.


  • Luminous color
  • Fresh
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Shiny
  • Glossy
  • Soft touch


  • Does not last so much

Best Cheap Blue Black Hair Dye

Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Permanent Hair Color, 1-0, Black, 2.1 Ounce

Package: It contains color creme

About hair dye: Color black, permanent hair dye

Performance and review: If you are searching for a hair dye that doesn’t harm your hair and it’s made from organic ingredients, this hair dye might be the one for you. It will give you a long-lasting color, and a will make your hair shine in the light, exactly the way you wanted. Like all the products that contain no ammonia, the only problem with this foam is that it doesn’t last too long. But if you think about the fact that your hair won’t get damaged in the process, this might be the best solution for someone who wants a temporary hair change.


  • Organic 90% natural ingredients
  • No ammonia
  • Easy to apply
  • Natural shine



  • Does not last too much

Best Blue Black Hair Dye Brand

L’Oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss Hair Color by L’Oreal Paris

Package: It contains color crème, gloves, hair conditioner

About hair dye: Color blue-black 2B, non-permanent color

Performance and review: You love the blue-black color dye, but you don’t want to make a permanent change? In this case, you really should try a L’Oreal product that only dyes your hair by using fruit extracts as pomegranate or royal jelly. After using it, you will notice that beside the blue-black reflections you will have a great soft and shiny hair. And you don’t need to worry about the damage caused to your hair because with this product… there is NONE! Also, you’ll have to keep in mind this fact: this might be the best cheap blue-black hair dye on the market.


  • No ammonia
  • Glossy color
  • Shiny
  • 100% natural
  • It lasts 25 to 30 washes



  • Not a pleasant smell when you apply it


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