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Atomizers, Sub-ohm Vaping, Dripping & More – The Fundamental Terminology That Makes Vaping So Amazing

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Vaping Is only One Click Away, but Do You Know Its Terms?

If you’re new to vaping, you know that it’s going to be a fun trip ahead. Vaping isn’t only about buying a vape decide (there are so many vape shops to try), but also about the terms, the e-juices, the experiences, and everything related it.

The variety of devices, vaping methods, and myriads of flavors are the most significant reasons for which people turn to vape. However, the many new terms and abbreviations may overwhelm a newbie, so it’s always a good time to start learning.

We should highlight that we’re not going to cover all terms and terminology used in the vaping world. We slightly cover some of the essential expressions that you’re going to run into on a regular basis. You’re welcome!

What are some of the most common terms used in the vape world?

No matter if you’re thinking about switching from smoking to vaping or you’ve already bought your very first vape device, you should get informed. Therefore, keep reading for finding out a thing or two about vape terms:


The atomizer if fundamental for a vaporizer. Typically, it’s a small tube that contains both a positive and negative lead that is attached by a coil. Every time power gets to the atomizer, and the coil will heat up and turn the e-liquid into vapor.

One great thing about online vape shops is that the reputed ones also have helpful information about vaping. For instance, you can learn everything about vape devices and atomizers from They talk about the atomizer coil resistance (expressed in ohms), which is an electrical term that calculates the easiness with which electricity goes through a component in a circuit. According to them, low coil resistance related to high vapor production and higher power requirements.

Adjustable airflow

Atomizers have a form of carrying air to flow through vape device and into mouth and lungs. It’s what matters for producing and inhaling right.

Many modern vape devices come with adjustable airflow that is a small rotating sleeve. You can open it to let more airflow. The feature eases out inhalation and creates more vapor as well.


When it comes to vape devices, there are two main kinds of cells: the built-in batteries and the external type.

The built-in batteries are sold together with the vape device. Most of the time, they include a designated charging cable specially made for your device.

External batteries are the ones that you may buy separately. They’re interchangeable, for better versatility.

There are several ways to rate batteries, and the mill-amp hours (mAh) is the most common rating used amongst vapers. The mAh informs you about how much time the battery will last at any given power rating.


The name suggests that the vape device is a vaporizer, but most models nowadays are made with advanced features right from the beginning. They provide less DIY work on the vaper’s end. The vaporizer comes in the box-styles case or cylindrical pen-style cases.


Dripping is the most common method of vaping, and you manually drip e-liquid into your atomizer every couple of hits and don’t fill a large tank with liquid. This method provides excellent control over how you’re using the e-liquid.

Propylene glycol

Typically known as PG, Propylene Glycol is a base liquid used for carrying nicotine and flavor in the e-liquid. Propylene glycol is also within the medical field for transporting medical inhalants for breathing treatments and asthma. It’s advertised as safe for consumption, even though a small percentage may develop a mild allergic reaction to PG. a scratchy throat is a symptom of PG allergy.

Sub-ohm vaping

Sub-ohm vaping was developed from the need to create more vapor when using the same vape device. When you’re raising current flow through your device and lower the resistance of the coil wire, you may obtain less than 1ohm of strength in the whole circuit. It will give more heat and consistency, which also provides more vapor.

Temperature control

Nowadays, you may control how your vape will taste like and how much vapor you will have. It’s because many manufacturers of advanced vaporizers will include temperature control functions on their devices.

Temperature control will let you manually set the heat at the coil, whereas your device adjusts the wattage and current accordingly to hit the target.

It’s also common for devices with temperature controls to have present options according to the kind of coils you’re using and the style of vape that you dig the most.

Vegetable glycerin

Commonly used as VG, vegetable glycerin is also a base material for e-liquids. It’s obtained from plant oils that happen naturally, presenting a somewhat sweet taste. Many e-liquid manufacturers are using high VG blends or “Max VG” blends for attracting vapers that don’t go for PG.

Rebuildable tank atomizers& rebuildable drip atomizers

They are a different style of vape devices, and it’s not difficult to tell them apart. RTAs and RBAs are the atomizers that let you take apart your equipment, change coils, clean the devices, and put them back together when you’re done.

In the case of older devices, there were disposable sealed cartomizers that you’d throw away when they weren’t working anymore.

On the contrary, rebuildable atomizers are made to last for a long time, especially if you care for them properly.

It’s the size that makes the difference between the two, with once having a large tank, and the other one a smell well for dripping.

Instead of a conclusion

The terms used in the vaping world are exciting and different from anything similar in the smoking world. Unless you want to get confused with the terms, it’s better that you start doing diligence about it. Go online, make some friends in the new vape world and don’t hesitate to read the articles that even online vape shop provides.

As a matter of fact, informative articles from online vape shops are one of the many signs to identify a reputed shop since it’s only the respected shops that are determined to have informed customers that know exactly what they’re shopping for!

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