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6 Things to Know by Heart When Choosing Your Vaping Kit

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For many out there, vaping sounds like a special habit that not everyone can afford due to the pricey vaping kits and everything. However, even if you’re going to pay the extra buck in the beginning, it has been proven that vaping is, in fact, a lot cheaper (and healthier) than smoking.

No matter the reasons for which you decided to start or to switch to vaping (kudos for you), one of the challenges that you may have to face in the beginning is selecting your vaping kit.

Truth be told, the variety of vaping kits out there is overwhelming, and it can get pretty intimidating in the beginning. Let’s not forget the vaping jargon that can put one in a pickle. However, it’s nothing that a guide of tips cannot solve, so scroll down for the things you need to remember before shopping. Taking a shot in the dark with your very first vaping kit isn’t something you want to do.

Without any further ado, here are 6 useful things to keep in mind when looking for a vaping kit:

1. The size of the e-cigarette

This is one of the first things to check when you’re trying to start vaping. For instance, if you have been a smoker for some time, it’s only natural that you’re used to small and lightweight cigarettes. When you take a look at the e-cigarettes, you may get intimidated in the beginning due to their size and weight.

Vaporizer, vaping pen, e-cigarette- you name it. They’re all bigger and heavier than any traditional cigarette out there. Even though you may want to go with the cig-a-likes models (the e-cigarettes that are similar to the traditional cigarette), you may still not enjoy them as they don’t create enough vapor.

It’s better that you go with a good quality e-cigarette that has good size and weight. Just go online for more details on the options.

2. Capacity

Vaping cannot happen without electricity, so you want a vaping kit that includes a battery that comes with enough capacity to last for at least one day.

The capacity of batteries is measured in mAh, and a 650mAh is going to last 7-8 hours for average use. You should get two batteries as you need one charging while you’re using the other one.
The pass-through battery is another way to power the tank while it’s charging, but it has to be connected to a USB port. You can vape no matter how much charge the battery is keeping.
If none of these options fancies you, go with a 1300mAh battery (or more). No matter the final option, having an extra battery is always a very wise thing to do.

3. MTL (mouth to lung) vaping or DL (direct lung) vaping?

This is one matter you should really think about. If you’re planning to inhale, you’re going to fill your mouth with smoke before passing it to your lungs- this is MTL (mouth to lung) vaping. Many smokers are going to become MTL vapers.

If you’re going to inhale without even stopping the smoke in your mouth, directly to your lungs, you’re going to be a DL vaper.

Unfortunately, most vaping kits out there don’t allow both types of vaping, so you need to decide before buying.

In the case of MTL vaping, you’re going to need to use coils above 1Ohm, whereas for DL vaping, you should go with Sub-Ohm coils.

Let’s not forget about the level of nicotine. For instance, nicotine levels above 6mg (this is for light smoking) don’t mix well with the Sub-Ohm devices. In addition, the flavour isn’t great, and the throat hit may be pretty powerful.

Sub-ohm vaping works better for low levels of nicotine or no nicotine at all.

4. Vapor production

This is another matter to consider when you choose your vaping kit. If you don’t have enough vapor, chances are you’re not going to enjoy vaping. There are many things that play a part in the amount of vapor: the resistance level of the atomizer head, the type of technology of the tank/clearomizer/cartomizer, the type of the e-liquid you’re using for vaping.

Many vaping starter kits come with a bottom atomizer head (coil) that you should replace when it wears off. If the amount of vapor or and flavor diminish, it’s time to get a new coil.
As for the e-liquid, there are two elements that are used as a base: PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). The rule of thumb is that the more VG the e-liquid contains, the more vapor you’re going to have.

However, VG is rather smooth in your throat, so even if it does produce vapor, it may not give enough “throat hit” (the feeling you have in your throat). It’s the PG that improves the throat hit feel, and it also allows various combinations of the flavors.

5. Authenticity

Why does authenticity matter? First thing first, authenticity is related to safety, and you want to be able to vape without worrying about your health. The materials used or the batteries on genuine vaping kits play an important role in the safety of your vaping kit.

You need to make sure that there is no toxic lead present in the metal. The internal safety features of the battery should be in place. The coils need to be well made, and they should take the use for some time.

Let’s not forget that genuine vaping kits allow you to make all the combos you want. As for the manufacturer’s warranty, that’s the ultimate proof that you’re going to stay safe while vaping.

6. Safety

This is one aspect you should never compromise about. There are two things to pay attention to the tank and the battery. If the tank is made of plastic, keep in mind that some acid flavors may degrade the plastic, posing a risk for safety later on.

It seems that the safest option is glass or, better yet, pyrex. As for the battery, it has to have security features. Auto shut-off in case of short circuit is always a great safety feature. As a matter of fact, the more safety features, the better for you.

The metal should also be certified RoHS. The RoHS certification is given to products after they prove not to contain any lead. If the material is some cheap metal alloy and not stainless steel, it’s only a matter of time until the material is going to rust. It’s not only the metal contamination that you’re going to worry about but also the rust inside the tank that isn’t safe at all.

One last thought for the road

If you decide to start vaping, there are plenty of things you’re going to have to become familiar with.

For instance, you should do your due diligence and learn how to clean the tank or how to replace the atomizer head (coil). You may need to learn how to take the tank apart and clean it every now and then.

Changing the flavors is another thing you need to learn about. All starter kits are typically cleanable, which is essential for changing the flavours and regular maintenance. Stay away from the cig-a-like kits sold in the gas stations as they’re not cleanable most of the time.

Even though it’s a bit confusing in the beginning, vaping is something that you can easily learn about. Make the experienced vapers your new best friends, or go online for doing your bits and bobs.
Vaping isn’t just about the new habit that you’re developing but also about a great way to explore infinite combinations of flavours. The variety of flavors and possibilities that vaping gives is impressive, and it’s one of the main advantages. Even though you’re going to pay a bit more upfront, you’re going to see how your wallet stays full at the end of the month. Isn’t that something we all want?

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