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15 Makeup Essentials That You Cannot Do Without

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No matter if you’re an entry-level makeup aficionado or you’ve been using them for years, you know that some makeup essentials are must-haves, and you really need them even for an everyday look. Once you go through the makeup basics, you’re going to find it a lot easier to use makeup products.

Let’s be meticulous about it and go through each category so that it’s getting easier for you to know what you need to add to your shopping list.

What are the makeup essentials for your face?

Without any further introduction, let’s see what you need to buy for your face:

  • Face primer

Even if not everyone is using a face primer, applying it should be an important step in your daily makeup routine. No matter your skin type, there is a face primer for you too, and the market gives you formulas that smooth out the uneven texture, control the oil/acne or correct the color.

  • Foundation

Choosing your foundation is probably the most challenging part of your makeup routine as you need to consider both the type of coverage you’re aiming for, the undertones, and your skin type as well.

If wearing foundation is new for you, you should go to a department store and ask a makeup artist to help you find out the best textures and tones for your skin. Ask for a sample to see how the formula is actually working for you throughout the day.

  • BB cream

Some use a BB cream instead of the regular foundation as it’s a lot more natural-looking. The BB cream is an amazing choice, especially if you’re looking for a cosmetic solution that also has some skincare benefits. A BB cream is the better choice for a beginner as it actually feels lighter on the skin, and it’s easy to apply it with your fingers.

  • Concealer

When you’re constantly dealing with dark circles, acne, or any sort of discoloration, the concealer is one fundamental item to have. You can go with sheer or full coverage formulas, and you should select the type of coverage you’re going with.

The shade of your concealer should be as close as possible to your foundation if you’re trying to cover acne/discoloration. As for the dark circles, you need to work on your makeup skills as there are so many shades in them. Pink-toned or peach concealers are solid options, most of the time.

  • Blush

The blush can really make a difference in the overall appearance of your face, so don’t skip it when applying your makeup. There are all sorts of formulas (gel, cream formulations, powder), and you should take a look at all of them. The powder one is the most popular one.

  • Highlighter

This is one mandatory makeup product for some. It comes as a powder, liquid, cream, stick, powder/cream hybrid, and each has its ups and downs. A powder or a stick is going to work the best for a beginner, nevertheless. You should be very careful when applying it and watch some tutorials for the best results.

  • Bronzer

Not everyone uses a bronzer, and you should only use it if you like a sun-kissed appearance. It’s mandatory that you use the right shade of bronzer. Don’t go darker than 1 or 2 shades deeper than your natural skin tone. Use a light hand and blend it really well.

  • Setting spray/powder

The setting spray/powder is going to improve the performance of your face primer, helping your makeup last all day long. The type of finish you’re looking for is going to decide which type of setting spray you should go with. However, if you’re looking for your makeup to last for a very long, you should never skip applying the setting spray.

What are the makeup essentials for your eyes?

Even if you’re not going to apply makeup on your eyes every day, you should keep in mind the essentials for your eyes:

  • Eye primer

A reliable eye primer is going to reduce the risk for your makeup to slide off, fade or crease. Its formula should also maintain the color looking true, no matter how much time has passed since the application.

In spite of what one may think, the eye primers aren’t addressing the oily skin but also come with anti-aging, color-correcting, and moisturizing abilities.

  • Eyeliner

The eyeliner can add a bit of an interesting feel to your final look, helping your eyes pop out. Even if a black eyeliner is a classical choice, a brown or dark gray one is going to work better on lighter skin.

When you have the skills, you should consider the liquid eyeliner, but you can try a bit with a similar eyeshadow or pencil liner and only afterward apply the same color liquid liner.

  • Eyeshadow

The eyeshadow is truly one makeup product that lets you get creative as you want. It comes in an impressive variety of textures, colors, and finishes, and you may use it in so many ways.
Some like the single eyeshadows, whereas others go with palettes- they’re a great option for beginners.

  • Mascara

Mascara is a magical makeup product that can mean the world for your final look. It comes in many formulas that are going to thicken, lengthen or curl your eyelashes. Black is a common choice, but some like to use brown mascara when they have light-colored lashes.

  • An eyebrow product

If you’re looking to step up your game when it comes to brows, there are several eyebrow products that can really help you stand out. Pencil, mascara, powder, wax, pomade, and even gel are some of the products that you can use for your brows.

What can you use for your lips?

Even if this may be the easiest part when it comes to makeup, let’s see your options:

  • Lip gloss

Lip gloss is back on track, and there are many formulas and colors to choose from. You should have one for emergencies or when you need to complete a dramatic look with a subtle lip.

  • Lipstick

No matter the formula or the final finish, a lipstick can become the cherry on top of any style of makeup. You should go with colors close to your natural lip shade in the beginning and build from that. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that you can never go wrong with red, no matter the occasion.

One last thought before you go

It’s not only the makeup products that you need to buy but also the tools you’re going to need to use for applying. Look for good brushes and keep them in good shape with constant cleaning and proper storage. Seek the applicators that are easy to use and learn how to use them.

Remember! You need to start learning how to walk before running, so wait until you have the skills for the sophisticated looks!

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