Eye Care 101: Some Tips And Advice

Your eyes are a very delicate part of your body. Many people tend to take them for granted. Without proper care, you may problems as you age. This article has eye care tips for better eye health.

TIP! Following the best eye care practices requires that you see only the most qualified professionals for regular examinations or prescriptions. Ask your family or friends to recommend a good eye doctor.

Wear sunglasses to help keep your eyes protected from sun light. Buy a good pair with strong protection from UV rays, and keep them with you. The sun can damage your eyes and the skin around them. Don’t really take a chance with your eye health.

Be aware of a family history of problems with the eyes. This will help you take the best care of your eyes. Eye problems that are hereditary in nature can be tested and diagnosed by your eye doctor. If your eye care professional is aware of these conditions it can go a long way in treating any potential problems in the future.

TIP! All sunglasses are not the same and some might not help protect the eyes very much. You have to make sure that the shades can block out 100% of UVB and UVA radiation.

Not all sunglasses are equal and some may do little to protect your eyes. The ones you wear should completely block all UVA and UVB sun rays. While you might look at sunglasses with just your fashion sense, you must understand that cheap sunglasses are going to negatively affect your vision.

Food can influence your vision. Studies show that eating foods with Vitamins E and C, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids help prevent cataracts and other eye issues. You can also partake of some leafy greens, salmon, nuts, tuna, oranges and more in order to help fight off eye disease.

TIP! Food can influence your vision. Look for foods with vitamin C and E, as well as foods that have zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

Give up the cigarette habit soon. In addition to causing lung damage, smoking damages your eyes. Smokers are more likely to develop eye disease. By stopping smoking, you can cut the risk of optic nerve damage and cataracts.

Omega-3 has been proven to benefit eye health. Try eating more food with these fatty acids. Foods that make this list include leafy green vegetables, salmon, tuna, halibut and more. Incorporate a daily serving into your regular diet.

TIP! Stop smoking cigarettes. You probably know about the damage it does to your lungs, but you may not know your eyes are affected, too.

Get eye exams on a regular basis. Some eye issues might not show obvious symptoms. This is why you should always have regular eye checkups. Some conditions are easily treated when caught early.

Wear a quality pair of sunglasses. They will keep your eyes protected from UV rays. The sunglasses you choose ought to block all UVA and UVB rays. If you are driving a lot, look for polarized lenses. This can take away the glare from your glasses. Wear sunglasses even if your eye corrective wear provides protection.

TIP! Wear sunglasses when outdoors. Even when it’s cloudy, the UV rays can harm your eyes and skin.

Getting regular eye exams is very important to good eye health. The older you get, the more you should go. Aging brings on an increased risk for issues such as glaucoma, cataracts and deteriorating eye sight. Closely monitoring them allows your optometrist to identify problems early.

Use eye drops from time to time but not in excess. Even though they can provide relief, overusing them can lead to other problems. Should they not offer the right amount of relief, see your eye doctor about other, more effective options.

TIP! Monitor the AC or heating in your house. Hot air blowing around the home is well known to cause or exacerbate dry eye.

Replace your old makeup with new every two months. This is due to the bacteria that can build up. After several months, you could be rubbing bacteria onto your eyes every time you use your makeup. This bacteria can cause multiple kinds of damage to your eyes and surrounding skin.

Know the history of your family’s eye health. Some conditions are hereditary. So, it is crucial to know family history here. This will help your chances to prevent these issues.

TIP! Scheduling regular eye appointments is the best way to ensure good eye health and to catch any problems early. You need to get frequent checkups as you grow older.

Stop smoking now. Smoking can damage the blood vessels in your eyes. It can create additional issues, including cataracts. Start by slowing down, and then attempt to quit altogether. Your eyes, and the rest of your body, will thank you.

If you have puffy eyelids, use cucumbers to reduce the water retention. Cut a cold cucumber into quarter inch slices, then place them onto your eyelids and close your eyes for 10 minutes while you relax. Cool, soaked green tea bags can help reduce inflammation and puffiness.

TIP! Use eye drops from time to time but not in excess. Even if they help you out, if you use them a lot you’ll have problems you don’t want to deal with.

Take good care of your contact lenses. Research indicates that a very worrying number of contact wearers don’t take care of their lenses. Of course this situation can cause an infection as well as vision loss and eye irritation. Use sterile saline solution, not tap water or saliva, for moistening lenses. There is plenty of bacteria in the mouth that can infect the eyes. Wearing eyeglasses can relieve eyestrain.

Try splashing cold water on the eyes each day, especially when working long hours. This can help relieve irritation, pain, and redness. It will also help wake you up.

TIP! If you use makeup, replace it six times a year. These can accumulate bacteria, just like your contact lenses can, and that’s why you replace them every several months.

You should care for your eyes. Some eye conditions can cause blindness, especially when not caught early enough. These suggestions can help you care for your eyes correctly. Spend time learning how to form good habits, and you will have healthy eyes for the rest of your life.