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There are a number of uncomfortable symptoms related to acid reflux, including heartburn, sore throat irritation and pain. Many people suffer from acid reflux and can tell you about it from experience. There are many ways to cause acid reflux and there are many ways to make it stop. Give this article a read for tips to stop acid reflux.

TIP! Sip lightly during meals and be sure to drink a glass of water between each meal. This can really help with hunger pain, since you’re likely to find yourself thirsty.

Maintaining a healthy body weight reduces your acid reflux symptoms. Those extra pounds put pressure on the stomach and cause the bottom of your esophagus to relax and allow reflux. By reducing your weight you can reverse this process, which will greatly reduce your symptoms.

Try to limit the fatty foods that you eat during the day. Fatty foods can cause your esophageal sphincter to relax, letting acid flow upwards. They also cause you to put on weight, and overweight people have a tough time with acid reflux. Therefore, by eating healthier foods, your body will be healthier.

TIP! Take note of the foods and beverages consumed immediately prior to the onset of your symptoms. You have some types of foods that trigger acid reflux for you, just like every other person who suffers with this condition.

It’s time to quit smoking! Smoking makes acid reflux worse. Smoking slows down digestion and saliva production, both of which worsen reflux. The esophageal sphincter is weakened as a result. That’s one more reason it is a great idea to quit.

Acid Reflux

TIP! Do not lay down for at least two hours following a meal. Lying down allows acid to climb up your esophagus.

You should keep track of what you ate before experiencing acid reflux. Acid reflux sufferers have some trigger foods that may cause it. You can still eat small quantities of the foods that trigger acid reflux but you need to be very careful.

You must stay upright when eating and for at least a few hours after your meal. Laying down can cause the acid to move towards your esophagus, causing acid reflux. Your esophagus may feel better when you stand or sit up.

TIP! Chew cinnamon gum after meals. Chewing gum causes an increase in your saliva production.

Elevate the headboard of your bed. You can use bricks, wood or even bed raisers to accomplish this. The head of your bed should be elevated six to eight inches above the foot. If the chest and head are elevated, then you may be able to keep the stomach acid from rising.

Be sure to savor your food. Don’t clean your plate unless you are really that hungry. Instead, eat slowly and stop when you feel satisfied. Eat while sitting down, slowly eat your food and savor it without focusing on anything else. If you consume your food quickly or you eat too much, acid reflux can be exacerbated. One trick to slow everything down is to put your fork down after every bite.

TIP! Eat smaller meals, more often. Eating just a couple large meals makes it more likely that you will suffer from acid reflux symptoms.

Eat small meals frequently, instead of indulging in larger ones. If you often find yourself eating just one or two large meals per day, this can actually increase your risk of acid reflux. A stomach that is too full puts pressure on the sphincter between the stomach and the esophagus, causing it to open in order to relieve itself. When this occurs, acid from your stomach travels to the esophagus, creating heartburn. Try to eat frequent, small meals throughout the day instead.

Drop those pounds! Extra weight, particularly if it’s parked on your midsection, can actually cause acid reflux to occur. Extra fat that’s around the belly area can put pressure on your stomach and cause reflux. Even losing some pounds can alleviate your pain greatly.

TIP! If acid reflux is something that bothers you, try doing most of your drinking between meals. The muscle of your lower esophageal sphincter relaxes under the pressure when liquids are added to the food in the stomach.

Cinnamon gum can really help alleviate acid reflux symptoms. Gum chewing helps send your salivary glands into overdrive, which helps with the acid in your stomach. It also increases swallowing. Swallowing assists in keeping stomach acids in the stomach.

Make sure you do not eat during the three hours prior to getting into bed. If your bedtime is at 11 p.m., you would avoid eating after 8 p.m. If you lay down and your stomach is full, your LES muscle will have more pressure on it. As a result, your acid reflux will flare up.

TIP! When pregnant, the fetus can push on the stomach and cause acid reflux. Speak to your doctor concerning the best actions to take during your pregnancy.

It is important that you refrain from eating at least three hours before bedtime. Your stomach cannot properly digest if you are laying down. When eating right at bedtime, you might end up with acid reflux in the morning.

Acid Reflux

TIP! Slippery elm lozenges can offer some relief. The primary ingredient in this product helps to form a protective coating on your esophagus.

Gluten prompts acid reflux, so it is considered a trigger food for a lot of people. Foods with gluten, such as oats, barely or wheat, need to be avoided by people who have acid reflux. Replace these trigger foods with millet or quinoa.

You will eventually find a solution for your acid reflux. Acid reflux symptoms can be alleviated if you want them to be. There are many precautions and preventative measures that you can take to avoid acid reflux. Hopefully you now know what you can do to prevent this condition.

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